With HMA no Country Can Censor the Internet

HMA is one of the earliest established proxy services. They have come under fire in the past regarding their VPN services, but they have risen to take one of the top spots. Countries have been taking new and more aggressive strides to censor the Internet. With the help of tools like HMA, however, the Internet remains open and free. The most recent example of this was seen in how Turkish Internet users turned to HMA when their prime minister banned Twitter and YouTube.

Free Speech on the Net Will Prevail

The Turkish prime minister’s attempt to block Internet users’ access to content on the web backfired. People know that they can take control and free their Internet. This was evident when HMA recorded ten times the normal number of downloads from Internet users in Turkey. Within a few days of the block on Twitter, millions of Internet users in Turkey had the tools they needed to get back on the website. They were ready for the later ban imposed on YouTube, and they are also ready for any attempted censorship that Erdogan might try next.

People around the world are ready to fight Internet censorship. And companies that provide the unblocking tools they use are ready, too. And as countries try new ways to block people’s access, people learn more about how to take back control over content access. As one Turkish Internet user said, you can’t hide anything on the Internet. And you can’t hide the Internet from people, either.

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