Why VPN is a must for net neutrality in 2020?

Internet security and anonymity is no longer available for users because of the non-existence of net neutrality rules and regulations. Since there is no net neutrality, your ISP has complete control over your internet activities. They can perform all kinds of actions online including bandwidth throttling, internet website blockade and so on. All these aspects make VPN a must have feature for internet users at the moment.

Net Neutrality implications

Net Neutrality is nothing but a platform that governs the internet actions and since it is not available, ISPs can control your internet actions every way possible. Although the internet connection is free, your internet activities are no longer free since your ISP can do anything without facing any legal implications whatsoever. ISP bandwidth throttling is one of the major drawbacks faced by internet users and using a VPN will help you bypass bandwidth throttling thereby eliminate all the restrictions of the network.


VPN for covering up your actions

Virtual private network gives you the ability to hide and replace your original IP even from your very own internet service provider. As a result of this, your internet activities and bandwidth utilized cannot be tracked by the ISP which helps you bypass the restrictions imposed by the ISP. If you are serious about your internet activities being logged, you need to make use os a no log VPN service provider. There are several log free VPN service providers in the market which can be used to stay completely anonymous.


Find the best VPN for net neutrality

There are hundreds of VPN service providers with hundreds of different subscription plans. There are several permutations and commutations you can have across different subscription plans hence finding the most suitable subscription plan for your requirements is essential. There are hundreds of companies and because of that, it becomes difficult for a subscriber to find their most reliable and best working plan. Our technical experts have analyzed all these aspects and given you a comprehensive list giving you the top performers of all.


Some of the best features that you must find in a VPN include a wide server range, multiple server access, multiple subscription plans, multiple device compatibility, multiple log-in, money back guarantee, no log policy, excellent customer support, multiple OS support feature and many more. A perfect balance of all these feature will only make a virtual private network, the best in business. Let us give you the list containing all the top players who can be subscribed to get rid of the risks you might face due to net neutrality. An affordable plan might be suitable for an average user whereas a premium subscription will be the perfect choice for those who are in need of an extensive set of feature specifications.


Best 5 VPN for net neutrality in 2019

Here we have listed you the best 5 VPN service providers for the year 2020.

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