What is Tor? Is Tor Secure Enough to Use in 2019

Tor is nothing but Onion Router and this was developed by the US Navy making it one of the highly sought after router specifics. The main purpose behind creating this browser was to provide a secured internet platforms for a user. Internet traffic of an internet users is sent through all the different Tor servers, making your data secure and anonymous. Decentralization technique is what is implemented using a Tor browser. Decentralization adds multiple layers of security and internet protection, meaning your confidential data will be protected through these multiple layers. Anonymous internet activity is assured by this router.


Tor is well known in the market for multiple reasons. Tor network is a must for all those who are in need of a secured and anonymous internet connection. If you are traveling to a content oppressive location for some reason or the other, you must make use of a Tor. Using a Tor your browsing activities will stay anonymous from ISPs, marketers, trackers, websites, government officials and so on but we won’t say that it is the perfect security system available.


One of the major drawbacks of using a Tor is that it does not deliver online privacy from all the different online surveillance systems. The reason for this is most of the online surveillance companies target Tor network users primarily. A simple malware is all these companies need to infiltrate your Tor network. Your original IP address will be exposed easily as a result of this technique. Other cons of using a Tor include slow network speeds, network administrators’ blockage, ISP tracking and blockade.

The above mentioned flaw can be rectified with the use of a virtual private network. Online privacy and security provided by a VPN is more than enough to make use of a Tor which delivers supreme anonymity. Virtual private network companies make use of an encrypted tunnel based protocol network and such a highly secured network is capable of protecting your internet connection from all kinds of threats and risks.

Importance of Tor

Tor Network is mandatory especially if privacy and anonymity are two of the most important requirements in your mind. An inexperience internet user will not be able to make the best use of a Tor whereas this is perfect for experts. Tor browser can be used on many different OS platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. and is a lifeline for journalists, detectives and others. Tor hides the IP address just like VPN and by using it together with a virtual private network, you are assured security and anonymity of the highest level.

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