VyprVPN September Server Clusters

The global software and Internet application development company Golden Frog has announced five new server clusters that they made available to all VyprVPN subscribers this month. New servers were launched in Prague, Czech Republic, Warsaw, Poland, Lisbon, Portugal, Vienna, Austria, and Brussels, Belgium to help preserve Internet privacy.

VyprVPN is a personal VPN service that encrypts users’ Internet communications to defeat monitoring, protect online privacy, and preserve an open and free Internet. VyprVPN gives users an alternate IP address to protect their identities and also provides users with access to restricted websites. The five new European servers will help users better secure their data amidst ongoing Internet privacy concerns in the European Union.

Data protection reforms have been the subject of debate in the European Union for some time now. But discussions appear to have been tabled. Meantime, the privacy concerns of EU citizens have not been eased. Legislation is a long and arduous process that in the end cannot guarantee results. VyprVPN has therefore launched new servers to give ordinary users the power to protect their privacy online with advanced encryption technology.


Privacy and personal data protection is a basic right of all EU citizens. All businesses in the EU must guarantee consumer data protection. In spite of the law, data privacy is not guaranteed by many companies. The new servers will improve Internet privacy for users through VyprVPN online communication encryption.

There has been an active movement in Austria to promote Internet privacy throughout Europe. One Austrian born group, Europe v. Facebook, has been campaigning for more privacy and data protection for Facebook users. But these efforts have not been enough to push for strong Internet data privacy protection. Therefore VyprVPN continues to open new servers to help users take control of their data.

Europeans face not only privacy issues but access restrictions as well. VyprVPN has server clusters located all over the world to help them regain free access to Internet content. VyprVPN users do not have to worry about the dangers of monitoring and threats to their privacy while connected to any of the following VPN servers:

• Asia – Hong Kong
• Austria – Vienna New!
• Belgium – Brussels New!
• Canada – Toronto
• Czech Republic – Prague New!
• Denmark – Copenhagen
• Finland – Helsinki
• France – Paris
• Germany – Frankfurt
• Ireland – Dublin
• Italy – Rome
• Japan – Tokyo
• Luxembourg
• Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
• Netherlands – Amsterdam
• Norway – Oslo
• Poland – Warsaw New!
• Portugal – Lisbon New!
• Romania – Bucharest
• Russia – Moscow
• Spain – Madrid
• Singapore – Singapore
• South Korea – Seoul
• Sweden – Stockholm
• Switzerland – Zurich
• Turkey – Istanbul
• U.K. – London
• U.S. – Austin
• U.S. – Los Angeles
• U.S. – Miami
• U.S. – Washington, D.C.

Golden Frog started VyprVPN as part of its mission to help ensure that the Internet remains open and free to all users. The Golden Frog team continues to dedicate their efforts to this mission as they see users all around the globe face greater data privacy threats. Golden Frog will be launching additional server clusters later in the year.

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