VyprVPN iOS Optimized App

Following the trend of the best VPN providers, VyprVPN from GoldenFrog now has an app that has been optimized for iPad. iPad VPN compatibility has been troublesome, but now you can use your VyprVPN account seamlessly with this tool.

iPad Optimized

VyprVPN has just released the updated version of their iOS ap. This version has worked out the issues with iPad VPN compatibility. You can now get the VPN features that allow you to use it on you iPad with no problems. VyprVPN iPad users can now have the greatest VPN experience.

VyprVPN for iOS also has a new feature called Map View. The app by design will know when you are using an iPad and launch the new feature. This means users can preview the VyprVPN servers from the default screen of the app on iPads. This makes it so easy to choose a location, and from there they can connect to their selected server as well. Do it all now so fast and easy from your iPad home screen.

To test this new feature on an iPad, launch your VyprVPN app on the device. Then update your VyprVPN app to the latest available version. If you are not a VyprVPN user but you want to try this new app, you can. Just get the trial version form their website, which you can get to from the link above. While you are on their website, you might also want to join the beta testing program. This also makes it easy for you to give feedback on all the features of different VyprVPN apps and packages. Then you can play a role in the nest and greatest that comes to VyprVPN apps.


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