VyprVPN Helps Secure Public Sector Industries

VyprVPN, the VPN service of Golden Frog, has signed up to provide VPN protection to the users of JohnsTek, Inc. through their reseller program. VyprVPN can now be provided to all these users who have handled very sensitive data in the work they have done for the government and large corporations.

JohnsTek, Inc. Users Need VPN Security

Many of the users of JohnsTek, Inc. have worked on government contracts or on projects for big corporations. Because of the sensitive nature of these projects, they need a reliable VPN service that can protect their data. VyprVPN provides strong encryption for their Internet connections. And they can get it on any device they use. VyprVPN helps them to stop third parties from monitoring them when they are online, and from snooping on their communications. They and their employers can feel more confident that they have online privacy.

Many JohnsTek, Inc. members have been in upper management positions in big US companies and have also worked on big government technology contracts. This includes defense contracts, bank security audits, intelligence work, corporate network security vulnerabilities, and state and federal law enforcement projects. This can make them very big targets for hackers and thieves, both local and those working for foreign governments. This puts them at great risk. But now they can easily get a hold of a VyprVPN package that will help them keep their data secure.


When dealing with proprietary information, people can’t be too careful. They also need to be extra careful with their personally identifiable information and that of the people they work for and with. This information is very valuable to thieves and hackers. So VyprVPN is now available to them to help with this big security concern. Especially since many people use mobile phones to go online, VyprVPN is going to be a big help. JohnsTek Director of Commercial Services Peter Moreno has acknowledged VyprVPN as an important tool in providing members with a simple way to encrypt their connections so they can interact online without worrying about privacy breaches and data theft.

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