VyprVPN Free Holiday Trials

VyprVPN is offering free trials of its personal VPN service over the holidays. A lot of online shopping and banking is done during this season. This means there are also a lot of unsavory elements out there who are waiting for unsuspecting users to slip up. VyprVPN provider Golden Frog wants to make sure that happy shoppers are well protected.

VyprVPN Holiday Security

Users who are planning holiday shopping can now avail of the free three-day trial of the VyprVPN service. They can shop securely over this period with their personal VPN that will shield them from tracking by online thieves. They can securely transact with online stores, do online bank transfers, and more. VyprVPN knows that the holidays can be very hectic, and it’s difficult to get all the needed shopping done in time. There are always long lines at stores and many items go out of stock. People are also trying to catch up with work so they can enjoy their vacation. This is why a lot of people opt to do their shopping online. But it can be very dangerous with all the online criminals just waiting to score tons of credit card numbers and other bank details. So VyprVPN is here to spread holiday cheer with their free trial. Don’t worry about your holiday messages getting intercepted and used against you. You can send and receive in complete anonymity with VyprVPN.

VyprVPN is the personal VPN service of Golden Frog that provides internet privacy and security to users in almost 200 countries. They have years of experience in securing online activities from home connections to public WiFi, whether on desktops or portable devices. VyprVPN works by encrypting user data and sending it through private tunnels so thieves can’t steal or read it. New VyprVPN users can also take advantage of the trial to test out the new Android, iOS, Mac and Windows VPN app. Your credit card numbers and bank account credentials will not get intercepted while you shop on the VyprVPN personal VPN.

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