Vuze is Pro-VPN, Anti-PRISM

VuzeBittorrent Client took a public stand against the PRISM program, pulling even more support from the public. Better late than never, the Vuze team joins 80 other organizations and internet companies petitioning Congress to put a stop to NSA spying. The petitioners also publicly support the use of VPNs to protect against these government snooping privacy threats.

80 Back the Call for NSA to Cease and Desist

This week has seen over 80 organizations and companies backing a letter to Congress that demanded the NSA spying activities cease immediately, and that these activities be investigated. The group launched an online petition as well, on The appeal to Congress included claims of “stunning abuses and violations of our basic Constitutional rights”.

Among the 80 protesters led by AccessNow are the American Civil Liberties Union, Free Software Foundation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Mozilla, Demand Progress and Reddit. The ACLU’s anti-spying campaign is also supported by the group, who believe strongly in civil liberties and the right to anonymity and privacy. Vuze stated that it is firmly against censorship, oppression, reprisal and retaliation.

The Public’s Reaction

The shocking revelations of Edward Snowden, former CIA tech assistant and consultant to the NSA for four years, began to sink in early this week. Internet companies, freedom organizations and the public are simultaneously cheering for Snowden and condemning the NSA and those behind PRISM. A traitor in the government’s eyes, Snowden faces serious charges, but is carried on even louder cheers of “Hero” for his sacrifice.

There has not been much public protest from netizens in the wake of Snowden’s revelations. The circulation of public opinion has been limited to the usual circles of blog comment sections, forums, and social media. Many reactions revolve around the jolt of realizing the enormity of the prying that has violated their basic public rights. And the public now expresses a general reluctant admission that true privacy protected by the government is a dream.

Vuze Publicly Supports VPNs for Privacy

“Vuze supports the use of tools to protect and safeguard those rights,” they added. Operating via peer-to-peer infrastructure, they have been strongly targeted by government anti-piracy campaigns. Their system allows them to avoid using central servers to store data and supports VPN tunneling. These security features are aimed at preventing privacy threats and data leaks, for the protection of their customers. Vuze stressed that they support the use of tools for legitimate security uses, government spying now being one of them.

VPN companies are seeing spikes in sales since the news of PRISM leaked out. This is a sign that some netizens are taking matters into their own hands, deciding to protect their own privacy rather than fight for the government to hold up their end of the bargain. Individuals who want to continue enjoying the benefits of using services like YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Skype, can turn to VPN services that will take better care of their customers’ need for privacy.

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