Use VPNs to Protect Identifying Information

Criminals use people’s identifying information all the time to steal their sensitive credentials. They try phishing scams and pretend to be customer service representatives and take the data from Internet traffic. Now there is a new phone scam going around that uses threats to keep people on the line so attackers can install tracking software. There is little danger of real physical harm, but a lot of danger that users will get hacked. To prevent becoming a victim of these scams, people should always use a top VPN when sending and receiving important information online.

New Phone Call Scam

The first known incident of this new phone scam was reported on the 29th of July by the Sheriff’s office in Grant County, Washington. An attacker called and threatened a resident with bodily harm if she did not stay on the line with him. The woman was called on her mobile phone and the attacker knew her name and address. It is likely that he obtained these details from online transactions or accounts that the woman had set up.

The attacker was able to mask his number as the mobile phone showed only the numbers 178. Police have not been able to identify the attacker, but they now know that he was probably trying to gain access to her phone. Apparently, by staying on the line with him, he was trying to install tracking software that would give him access to account usernames and passwords stored on the device. The Grant County Sheriff’s office has issued a warning to people not to answer unknown callers. The office also urges all smartphone users to update their antivirus software and use VPNs for Internet security. Additional precautions are checking any possible data leaks in their phones and not storing any sensitive data on them.


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