Unblock YouTube and Facebook with ExpressVPN

Many Internet users rely on proxy services to unblock their online access. In countries where strict policies governing Internet use are in place, however, proxies are not powerful enough to ensure safe and continued access. ExpressVPN is a fast and secure VPN service that can open up strictly blocked services like Facebook and YouTube.

ExpressVPN Provides Superior Access

Most proxy services are not powerful enough to transfer the complex functions and features of websites like Facebook and YouTube. Even if they can, there are still security risks during the process of logging in. Proxy services use lists of IP addresses that are free or cheap to use. They are continually monitored and often blocked. Aside from the inconvenience of changing IP addresses constantly, there is a danger in using those that are available. The IP addresses that are not blocked are often blacklisted and the activities of anyone using them are under tight surveillance.

Leading VPN services like ExpressVPN, however, use high quality OpenVPN tunneling that prevents detection and monitoring. ExpressVPN furthermore comes with high grade encryption capabilities that secure data and traffic. ExpressVPN also works on more than just websites, which proxies cannot do. ExpressVPN can secure data and traffic to and from all types of Internet enabled applications like Skype, which are also often inaccessible in countries with strict Internet censorship.

ExpressVPN is fully compatible with all websites and applications. The system used dynamic IP addresses that are impossible to block as the IP traffic cannot be sourced. A dedicated IP address system is dangerous because the IP can be traced to a single user. With ExpressVPNFacebook and YouTube security and geolocation features will not be triggered. The websites will admit ExpressVPN users as normal users since the OpenVPN connection will not raise any red flags.

ExpressVPNis a reliable IP unblocker for the wide variety of online services available to other users. The security afforded by ExpressVPN will also secure transactions on these websites so that personal data and payment details cannot be snooped. For more details on ExpressVPN security and features, please access our review from the top VPN providers page.

Countries are increasingly blocking user access to Facebook, YouTube, and other popular social media and video streaming sites. Companies and schools also regularly block access to these sites. It is an ongoing battle for many free and cheap proxies and VPNs to keep up with blocking technology. With ExpressVPN, however, users will not have to worry about the service becoming unavailable, or of facing unsuccessful connection. ExpressVPN connections are safe and reliable, not vulnerable to IP or server overcrowding. Speeds and access are constant, and security is not left to chance. Proxy server administrators vary, and the proxy services cannot guarantee their security. There is no way of knowing whether these administrators themselves are monitoring and logging user activities, or whether they intend to share or sell this information. User data is very valuable to government agencies, advertisers, and ISPs. Particularly for Internet users in countries with strict censorship, it is too dangerous to use proxy services to get access to blocked content.

The Facebook Access Issue

Proxies set off Facebook’s security checks because of the unfamiliar location detected through the IP address. The frequent IP switching that is very common when using proxy services can cause Facebook to lock down the user’s account. On top of dealing with constant proxy service IP blocking, users have to verify and re-verify their Facebook accounts. Using the recommended ExpressVPN server for a particular location can give users constant access to Facebook without triggering unknown location blocks.

There are also very serious compatibility issues between proxy services and Facebook. The website cannot load properly and this severely affects the functionality of features and the display itself. Proxy services are also very slow, and heavy functions like search and content uploads are often impossible to execute. ExpressVPNencryption also ensures Facebook content is not observed on its way in.

The YouTube Access Issue

Geolocation restrictions and government censorship are the biggest YouTube access problems. ExpressVPN easily circumvents these problems by providing well-maintained secure VPN server access. The IP addresses given to ExpressVPN users cannot be detected by filters as coming from a VPN, and so cannot be blocked. They allow the user access to YouTube as if the user in the country where the VPN server is located. No unusual activity can be detected, so the connection is safe. No data can be snooped, so the user is protected.ExpressVPNaccess prevents censors from blocking the service because they have no way of knowing it is serving an unblocking function.

Speed is a major issue when trying to stream videos on YouTube. Most proxy services are poorly maintained, mostly because the servers offered for use are not managed by the service but by various independent administrators. They are also not prioritized since the service is often offered for free or very cheap. ExpressVPN servers provide more than adequate speeds to successfully stream and watch videos leaving other applications unaffected. Users do not have to compete for connections and bandwidth is not controlled.

ExpressVPN inherently transcends all the common site compatibility issues that users of proxy services often face. Facebook and YouTube appear and function through an ExpressVPN precisely as they are meant to on a regular connection.

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