Tutorial Guide to Set up an IPSEC VPN Connection on Your Blackberry Z10

The Blackberry, the brand initially launched for the corporate world only, turned to the general consumer market due to strong competition from operating systems from Apple and Google. There are many VPN service providers that serve the VPN market with a support for these devices, where not every service provider offers a pre-configured dedicated client. So, VPN users have to configure a connection on their own to use the VPN service on their device. The launch of Z10 model from the company with new OS caused a flare among the consumers, so a VPN tutorial to manually setup an IPSEC VPN connection on this device is given below.

  • To start the process, tap on the ‘settings’ icon to open the device settings. On the ‘settings’ menu, look for the ‘network connections’ option and tap on it to open the desired settings.
  • On the ‘network connections’ menu, tap on the ‘VPN’ option to access the VPN related settings.
  • Here, you will see an option to add a new VPN connection and a list of all the available VPN connections to your device. Tap on the ‘Add new VPN’ button to initiate the process for the creation and configuration of a new VPN connection on your device.
  • To add a new VPN profile, you will see a detailed form that you must fill in to complete the process. To fill in the details required on this form, you will get the required information in the welcome mail from your VPN service provider or the official website for the service. If you can’t get the necessary information, you can contact the customer care service to get the desired information.
  • In the first field labelled ‘Profile name’, enter a name for the VPN connection that you are going to create, which should be such that you can easily recognize the connection later on. In the second field labelled ‘Server Address’, input the value for the IP address of your VPN provider, as given in the welcome mail.
  • Enter the value for ‘Gateway Type’ field as ‘Cisco Secure PIX Firewall VPN’ and for the field ‘Authentication Type’, enter the value ‘XAUTH-PSK’.
  • In the next fields, labelled ‘Group Username’ and ‘Group Password’, you need to enter the same value ‘ipsec’. Leave the checkbox option ‘hardware token’ unchecked.
  • The next fields are labelled as ‘username’ and ‘password’, where you need to input the values for login credentials for your subscribed VPN service.
  • After entering all the desired values for the configuration process, tap on ‘save’ option to save all the settings.
  • Now, tap on the name of the connection to initiate the process for establishing a connection with the server.

With this step, you have successfully configured a new VPN connection and connected to the same. However, to confirm that you are surfing anonymously through the server, you can check the IP address of your system and verify its location from any of the IP lookup service available.

Blackberry Z10

Thus, this guide helps you create an IPSEC VPN connection on your Blackberry Z10 device.

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