Top Ways to Bypass Censorship in China

Many popular websites have been banned by the Chinese government. You have to bypass censorship in China if you want to use Facebook or Skype. Several other popular websites cannot be accessed if you live in this country or are visiting it for a brief period of time.

Technology has found a way to overcome this problem through what is known all over the world as virtual private networks. People are using VPNs around the globe to bypass all bans imposed by their governments on selective web content. A virtual private network gives you access to any website whether it is permanently banned in your country or merely blocked by the administration of your office to make you stay focused on your work.

If you do not want to deprive yourself of your right to be able to access any website you want to, virtual private networks are your answer.

Bypass Censorship through Virtual Private Networks

VPNs are commonly being used to bypass web censorship in different parts of the world. If you want to access Facebook or Skype while you are in China, you should have a VPN account.


How Do VPNs Unblock Sites                       

VPNs are extremely effective tools for unblocking banned sites. Their ability to do so comes from one of the most useful features of a virtual private network: a modified IP address.

When you use the internet through your VPN account, you are given a different IP address which may be from a completely different country of the world. Therefore, in order to bypass censorship in China, your VPN service provider should give you the IP address of a country where there is no such bans on websites. For instance, you can use US IP or UK IP in China to be able to bypass the prohibitions.

Virtual Private Networks for Unavailable Web Content

There are certain sites which are banned by the government. On the other hand, there are certain websites which are simply not available in your region yet. For instance, Hulu, Netflix and Pandora are websites which are only available in the US and a few other regions. However, virtual private networks help you overcome such geographical restrictions as well. You can enjoy Hulu, Pandora and Netflix through your virtual private network even if you are in China, India or any other country.

Other Advantages of Modified IP

What gives you access to blocked and unavailable content in your country is your modified IP address. There is one more advantage of having a different IP address when you use the internet. That is, you can be online with your actual identity hidden from the rest of the world. No one can trace you or keep a check on your internet activity. In this way, you can maintain your confidentiality as well as your privacy from the government and your internet service provider. Moreover, hackers will also find it impossible to find a trace to your system.

Therefore, you can bypass censorship in China with your changed IP and enjoy its other benefits as well.

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