Telstra Free WiFi with No VPN Protection

Telstra Corporation Limited is the biggest media and telecommunications company in Australia. Telstra provides Internet, pay TV and mobile phone services, among others. The company has been serving the Australian market since 1901, and hasn’t stopped upgrading. Their latest addition is free WiFi delivered through their payphone system. They have already set up over 1,500 access points along different city streets, which is great for connectivity. But without adequate protection, anyone using these hotspots will soon be in big trouble. They can be sure that hackers are already working on these networks to gain access to connected devices.

The Telstra Upgrade

Telstra has upgraded their payphone framework by equipping the structures with WiFi access points. On the streets Australians can now see the distinctive pink boxes that show where the free service is available. The company has installed more than 1,500 of them, and is still taking in suggestions for on which streets to offer it next. They are already thinking of expanding into at least 60 more suburbs and towns. Residents of the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia are provided with forms that they can fill out to submit their suggestions to the company.

Telstra is going to keep going until they meet their goal of creating one of the biggest networks for WiFi in the world. They announced this plan a year ago this month, and they will be testing the WiFi offering for another month from now, when the project will be officially underway. By then residents can also expect to find free WiFi in each of the company stores.

Free WiFi Without a VPN

Free WiFi is always a danger to users because it rarely offers security, and what it does provide is hardly protection at all. Most WiFi hotspots are there for user convenience, usually to boost ratings from consumers who want more for less. The offering of free WiFi in Telstra sores, for instance, is widely seen as a way to appease subscribers when they have to wait seemingly endless minutes to be able to speak with a company representative.

Security is not a concern, though it really should be the primary worry of all with mobile phones, tablets and other WiFi-ready devices. And it therefore should be a major burden for providers. So far, however, taking on the responsibility of keeping subscribers safe is being shaken off. This blasé attitude towards connection safety is a huge reason why cybercrime has run rampant. Hackers have so many hotspots to choose from, each of them a piece of cake to crack. The hardest part of their operation is really just choosing which hotspot to target. But they are more than willing to spend some time monitoring each connection to see how many people are hooked up. It’s an easy although tedious task that can lead them to thousands of dollars worth of identities ready to be snatched up, and even more than a few bank accounts and credit cards that they can max out.

Free WiFi users need to take control of their online activities to avoid becoming the next victims of device hijacking, account infiltration, social engineering scams, and so many other attacks. Free WiFi is offered to make users happy, but that smile will quickly turn into a scowl once a hacker uses that same free WiFi connection to wreak havoc in their lives. Using a tried and testedVPN for online security is the first step that all WiFi hotspot users need to take.

This type of personal VPN will encrypt their online sessions so that no data can fall into the hands of hackers who are lurking within the WiFi networks that they are connected to. These criminals will not be able to see what the users are doing online and therefore not be able to even begin devising attacks that will work on them. Passwords and financial information will also not leak out through the free WiFi connection. Without a VPN, however, everything that a user does online can be seen by any malicious element with a few minutes to spare – this is all the time they need to hack into a WiFi hotspot and start tracking website visits, logins and social media activity.

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