StrongVPN New US Privacy Servers

StrongVPN has just added 3 new VPN servers in the US. They have upgraded their US server count to help ease congestion and to provide Internet users with more options for better privacy. The NSA might have been caught snooping, but this does not mean that they have stopped. They are still out there scraping as much intel as they can, while they can. top VPN provider StrongVPN wants to make sure that Internet users have all the protection they need to keep their personal details private.

New StrongVPN Servers

StrongVPN has added three new US servers to their network. There are two new OpenVPN servers, one in Las Vegas, Nevada and another in Denver, Colorado. The OpenVPN Las Vegas, Nevada server is called “vpn-lv1”, and the Denver, Colorado OpenVPN server is called “vpn-dh1”. The third US server addition is “vpn-lv2”, a PPTP/L2TP/SSTP server. This server is also located in Las Vegas, Nevada. All StrongVPN subscribers can log in to see these new servers available in their customer areas.

US Servers to Fight Snooping

Many US users don’t need to have IP addresses in different countries. Many of them want to keep US IP addresses because of the local services they enjoy. They also want to keep their high Internet speeds. Connecting to a server in another country sometimes slows down their connections. So StrongVPN has opened these three new servers to cater to US residents who want to have Internet privacy but also keep a US IP address. Through these new anonymous servers, US residents can keep their personal details private from NSA snoops. The OpenVPN servers provide superior security for desktop users while the PPTP/L2TP/SSTP server can be used for mobile devices.

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