StrongVPN has Patched their OpenVPN Servers

StrongVPN has patched all of their OpenVPN servers to defend against Heartbleed. They have applied an updated version of OpenSSL that fixed the server vulnerability. OpenSSL is popular for implementations of TLS and SSL. The bug seriously affects these protocols and can defeat the encryption that protects users on email services, websites and yes, even the top VPNs.

StrongVPN Responds to Heartbleed

StrongVPN learned about Heartbleed Monday last week. They checked their implementation of OpenSSL to discover if they were affected by the TLS heartbeat vulnerability. They do not want their users to suffer any data breaches and theft of sensitive information. So by the following day, they had applied the patches that would shield their servers from the vulnerability.

All of the StrongVPN OpenVPN servers are now secure and no longer in danger from the Heartbleed bug. The updated OpenSSL fixed the problem. StrongVPN also took care of the website servers in addition to the VPN servers. The StrongVPN OpenVPN accounts are also now secured with tls-auth which gives them added security. Users are urged to apply this to better defense against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Users can get new OpenVPN account certificates with the change config option on their customer portals. Just choose different encryption than what you have set currently and you will get the new certificate. Another security addition is the OpenVPN servers running separate processes for every account. This better secures user data from being stolen through Heartbleed exploits.

StrongVPN urges all users to update their passwords and VPN software at this point. It is better to be safe than sorry, just in case the software was compromised as well. The Windows and Android apps are not at risk, but the Mac app used a compromised version of OpenSSL. There is now an updated Mac client 1.0.3 available for download.

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