StrongVPN Adds Two US Servers

Amid news of increased bank hacking activities, StrongVPN has announced the launch of two new US servers. This is a dual-purpose launch that will serve both local and foreign VPN clients. US clients can connect to do online banking securely while clients overseas can take advantage of the additional US servers to unblock website access.

The new StrongVPN servers are located in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California. They are vpn-sf94 and vpn-qn14, respectively, and both PPTP/L2TP/SSTP servers. The servers are now available to subscribers of packages using these protocols. They will automatically appear on the list of available servers, so no additional configuration is necessary to access them.

US Servers for Unblocking Internet Access

Overseas clients are always in need of new connections to help them overcome Internet censorship and geolocation restrictions. As more and more countries are implementing website blocking protocols and getting involved in Internet spying, people are looking for more reliable ways to unblock their access while they secure their privacy. StrongVPN has responded most recently with this launch last Tuesday of the new US servers.

Bahrain is the latest in a long line of countries that have expressed intent to begin partially censoring their Internet. Users have become wiser since the first great firewall, and Bahrainis are preparing for their prime minister’s decision. StrongVPN in turn has provided these additional servers that can carry the load of the additional connections that are expected within the next few months. The reasons behind Bahrain’s decision are to help the government combat illegal Internet activities that prey on children and that are against their belief system.

Not all countries have the same motivation for censoring Internet access. Some censor for political reasons, others for protection against hackers. And others restrict outside access to protect their content. But all users need and want the same levels of freedom that the various forms of website and application locking take away. Whatever the case, StrongVPN is ready to provide them with a package to suit their needs. StrongVPN has VPN connections for bypassing firewalls, accessing streaming services, and opening VoIP applications.

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US Servers for Online Banking Security

Banks have long been warned by various security companies that they need to update their online security systems. Most banks have not responded positively, however. Research has shown that many of them do not take the hacking threat seriously, and would rather fix the problem if it arises rather than take steps to prevent a breach.

DDoS attacks are not new, but hackers are finding new ways of launching them with minor changes that get them through most common defenses. The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has put forward guidelines on Internet banking security practices. And they have found that many financial institutions need to make significant changes to their online-banking platforms. The platforms themselves are slow to evolve in some cases, and switching platforms is not always a desirable option for banks.

Meantime, account holders of the various financial institutions whose security is below par remain at risk. Online banking has become more common than traditional over-the-counter transactions. Many cannot do without the convenience. To help account holders secure their online transactions, VPN services have developed simple VPN apps that any user can easily set up and use to secure their online activity. With a service like StrongVPN, users can do online banking through a private tunnel that encrypts their data and traffic so that hackers can’t intercept their codes.

VPN services are a very good security backup for users while they wait for banks and other financial services to meet the FFIEC’s security guidelines. Some of the upgrades take from months to years to complete, and users cannot be left vulnerable for that long. Compliance with the FFIEC is a must, but while these institutions drag their feet, users are put increasingly at risk.

For more information about StrongVPN and similar VPNs for security and website access, please read our comprehensive VPN service reviews.

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