Step Wise Instructions for Windows 8 Users to Setup a PPTP based VPN Connection

The process of creation of a network connection for a VPN service based on PPTP protocol is easy, which needs only a few steps to be covered. However, there are a few VPN providers that offer their own server clients to manage the connection, but for those service providers that don’t offer any client, manual configuration is required. Steps to create a manual PPTP based VPN connection to a system running on windows 8 are given below.

  • Start the process by pressing the windows key on the keyboard, which will open up a search bar at the right side of the window screen.
  • Enter the value ‘Virtual Private Network’ in the search field, which will provide you three categories to choose from. Select the ‘settings’ category from this list to get options for network connections on the left half of the screen.
  • Choose the option named ‘Set up a VPN connection’ from the list and proceed to the creation of a new connection.
  • In the next step, you need to enter the IP address of your VPN provider, which you will get from your service provider in the welcome mail. Enter the IP address of the VPN provider in the desired text field. Enter a description for the connection, which you need to remember to recognize the connection later on.
  • Click on the ‘create’ button to create the connection with the entered details and then to proceed with the configuration of the connection to be used with your VPN provider’s service.
  • After the connection is created, you will get the name of the connection in the network pane at the bottom right corner of the screen. Find the name of the connection that you just created and then right click on it. From the drop down menu obtained, select the ‘properties’ option and click on it to go to the properties of this connection.
  • In the properties window, move to the tab named ‘security’, where you need to modify the connection properties.
  • You will see an option named ‘type of VPN’, for which you should select the option named PPTP from the list. This will allow you to use this network connection with any PPTP based VPN service.
  • Now click on the option named ‘Allow these protocols’ on the same page to enable it. After enabling it, you will see three options listed under it, out of which you need to activate the MS-CHAP v2 option.
  • Now move to the networking tab and uncheck options named ‘Ipv6 ‘and ‘File & printer sharing’ from the list.
  • Click on the OK button to complete the settings change, with which the setup of the PPTP connection is finished.

Windows 8

Connect or Disconnect

To connect or disconnect to the network, you need to click on the monitor icon on the taskbar to open the network pane. Look for the VPN connection’s name and click on it to get the option to connect/disconnect. To connect to the network, you will be prompted for username and password. Enter the details and click OK to login. While, to disconnect, simply clicking on the disconnect option will take you out of the connection.

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