Step by Step Instructions to Help you Create a PPTP VPN Connection on your MacBook

Creating and configuring a PPTP based VPN connection on a Mac based system is a simple process. A stepwise guide is provided below to help you create a connection and connect to your desired VPN connection on Mac.

  • To begin with the process of setting up a PPTP connection on your Mac based system, you need to access the network pane. Open the ‘system preferences’ window and select the ‘network’ icon form the ‘Internet and Network’ category.
  • Here you will see the network window, where a list of available networks is available on the left side of the window. You need to create a new connection, for which you should click on the ‘plus’ symbol at the bottom of the window.
  • You will get a small window asking for ‘interface type’ and ‘service name’ for the new connection. Select the value ‘VPN’ for the ‘interface type’ option.
  • After selecting the VPN option, you will get another field asking you for the ‘VPN type’. From the list of available types, select ‘PPTP’ value to connect to a PPTP VPN connection. Enter the name for the service, which you can easily recognize later on.
  • Click on the ‘create’ button and the connection will be created, if all the fields filled correctly. You will get the name of the connection in the list of available connections.
  •  Now, you are done with the creation of the connection and the next step involves its configuration to make it suitable to connect with your subscribed VPN Service.
  • Click on the connection name to get the configuration fields on the right side of the same window. Here, you need to fill in the ‘server address’ and the ‘account name’ fields. The information to be filled in these fields can be obtained from the VPN provider, to which you have subscribed for the service.
  • For the next part of configuration, click on the ‘authentication settings’ button. You will get a pop up window, where you will be prompted to enter the password of the VPN service that you want to use with this connection. Click on ‘OK’ button to save the password, which you can get from the same welcome mail.
  • Now click on the ‘advanced settings’ button provided at the bottom of the ‘network’ window.
  • Check the box for enabling the option to send all the internet traffic over this VPN connection. Click on the ‘OK’ button after enabling this option.
  • Now click on the ‘apply’ button to save and enable all the modifications made to the configuration of the new connection. The ‘connect’ button will get enabled for use representing the successful configuration of the connection.
  • So, with this step, you are done with the setup and the configuration of a PPTP based VPN connection to your Mac based system.


To establish a connection with the VPN network, you need to click on the ‘connect’ button, which you can access from the network window by clicking on the connection name. To disconnect from the network, you need to click on the ‘disconnect’ button, which you will see after the establishment of a connection.

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