Step by Step Instructions to Configure VPN Activator on a MacBook for PPTP Connection

VPN Activator is a free application that serves as a GUI for various VPN servers hidden in Mac operating systems. This application can be used as a switch to start or stop the PPTP server hidden within the Mac OS. Without any need for an external file, this software can be used with a Mac based device having the Mac version Snow Leopard v 10.6.8 or higher. A stepwise guide for configuring this application to be used with a PPTP connection is as given below.

  • To configure VPN activator to be used for the hidden PPTP connection on your Mac based system, run the application.
  • You will see a form type page, where you will be asked for some information that would be used for the configuration of the software for your use. In the first column, you need to enter the starting and the ending point of the IP address range that you wish to configure the activator for.
  • Then add the DNS server addresses for both primary and secondary DNS.
  • The next column needs you to enter the value of the username and password that you want to use for this connection and in the last field, enter the shared secret key, to prevent unauthorized access to this connection.
  • After entering all the details, click on the ‘ON/OFF’ switch on the left side of the screen to start the server. The server will start if all the fields are correctly filled, while disabling the editing of configuration fields, which you can enable again by stopping the server.
  • If you wish to be able to use your PPTP based VPN connection with this software, you must configure the Airport Extreme Gateway accordingly. Port forwarding for ports TCP 2173 through the Airport Extreme is necessary for this purpose, for which the next step will guide you on how to proceed with.
  • Open the ‘Airport Utility’ window and then go to the advanced settings for this software. On the advanced settings page, move to the ‘port mapping’ tab to create a new port mapping to forward the desired port.
  • Click on the ‘plus’ symbol near the bottom of the window and fill in the desired fields to create a new port mapping as discussed in the next step.
  • In the fields marked by the names ‘Public TCP Port(s)’ and ‘Private TCP Port(s)’, enter the value ‘1723’ and enter the IP address of your Mac based system in the ‘Private IP Address’ field.
  • Click on ‘Continue’ button to move to the next step of configuration.
  • Enter the description for the port forwarding created, like PPTP, which would make to easy for you to recognize the settings later on.
  • After entering the description, click on ‘Done’ button to complete the port forwarding. You can also configure your iOS based devices to be used with this software.
  • Now you need to configure the network (VPN) and then activate this port forwarding. You will be connected to your home network.

Thus, this way you can configure VPN Activator on your Mac based system to use the hidden PPTP connection on your system.

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