Simple Mobile VPNs for Beginners

People everywhere are complaining about how little security and privacy they are provided in the online world. And VPNs are being recommended by security researchers and privacy advocates everywhere. Yet why isn’t everyone using a VPN? This is partly because many people who have never encountered Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) may often find them difficult to use. So here are a couple of VPN services that are good for beginner users so that they can get a feel for VPNs and develop a checklist of features that they like and need. Then they can dive in with confidence when it comes time to select the VPN that is tailored to their specific needs.

VPN Defender

This VPN service is one of the most popular free VPNs out there. Of course, it is not wise to go with a free service forever because these are not really totally reliable, are often slow and there may me a catch to using them. VPN Defender is for Android mobile device security so that information stored on Android smartphones and tablets is kept safe from thieves and hackers. One good thing about VPN Defender up front is that there are no annoying ads connected with it, as is true of almost every other free application. VPN Defender is also great because it does not ask you to pay later after a trial period, nor does it have in-app purchases. It is genuinely free, and there are also no limitations as to how much bandwidth you consume.

VPN Defender is a basic VPN service that will protect you when you want to use the Internet to shop with your credit card or to access your bank account. It gives you safety while browsing websites, too, so you can avoid getting tracked by spies, hackers and advertisers. All your login codes will be safe from attacks that use an unprotected WiFi connection to snoop on your activities. VPN Defender will also hide your real location so that you can be safe from monitoring and so that you can view any type f content that is restricted from your current location. VPN Defender has secure servers that will not let your activities be visible to your Internet service provider or any third party like the government, cybercriminals, or marketers. VPN Defender also encrypts all the traffic that goes from your mobile device so that no one else that you are not communicating with, like a website that you are visiting, can read it.

VPN Defender is a good choice for beginners because once it is set up, users don’t have to reconnect every time they want to go online. It goes on automatically to protect the user. It also works with all the popular video, VoIP and other apps for mobiles. VPN Defender is also not heavy on memory at only 4.87MB. The catch with this service is that the provider gives some user details to their partner marketers so they can analyze market trends for their app developer customers. If you want a VPN that is free of these catches, you will need to sign up for a paid service.

Freedome by F-Secure

F-Secure, an Internet security firm, makes Freedome, another good mobile VPN for beginner VPN users. Freedome is a very simple app that is advertised as being easy enough for the elderly. And it takes only a minute to get all set up for use. There are no installation hassles with this mobile VPN. It also offers unlimited bandwidth and is free of ads. This VPN is for online privacy and security, both of which we all need in this day and age. Remember, 2014 was the year of cybercrime.

Once Freedome is set up on a smartphone, all that a user needs to do to turn the VPN on is to tap the center of the device’s screen. When you OK the application trust prompt, the service goes on and all Internet activity is protected. The VPN will automatically connect to the closest available VPN server to the user’s real location. Users of course can also set their preferred location in the location settings. To check that it is really running, all you have to look for is the small icon of a key in the upper left of your device’s screen.

Like other VPNs, Freedome also encrypts user traffic and hides the user’s location. This makes for private surfing and gives the user data security. Freedome is a good VPN because the provider has not installed any backdoors in the app. This means that the provider does not have access to the activities of the user, making them truly private. The provider also does not keep track of what the user is doing, so even if the government forces the company to show them what their users are up to, they will have nothing to show. They also have no marketing partnerships or other third parties that they share user data with. Of course, since they have no other means of keeping the service running, this means that they charge for the service. Freedome is free to try for one week, then users need to pay about four US dollars for monthly fees or they can subscribe for a year for about thirty dollars.

This app also allows users to check and see what they have been protected from . These include trackers and bad websites that have been blocked, secured applications, and applications installed on the device that are being protected. One great feature of Freedome is its built-in antivirus, which comes free with the app. This software constantly scans the phone or tablet for any malware or viruses that may have gotten in by other means like Bluetooth connections or buggy sharing applications. Once users get used to the app, they can also play with the settings to turn on and off different aspects of their protection. It is good to keep them all on, but this is useful if for instance the user has another antivirus program that he or she prefers.

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