Setup VPN on HTC Desire

Procedure to Setup VPN on HTC Desire is similar to that of a general Android based VPN setup. HTC Desire is based on the Android platform. Setup procedure is quite simple and it is made easy for users to understand through this article. HTC Desire users need not complicate things by thinking about whether they would harm their handset if they setup VPN on HTC Desire.

Procedure to Setup VPN on HTC Desire

Step 1: There would be Settings icon on the Home page or in the Menu list. The user should select the Menu bar.
Step 2: Under Settings, Wireless and Networks option should be selected.
Step 3: VPN Settings icon can be seen under this section and this should be selected as well.
Step 4: Existing VPN connection would be available under this section and to create or add a new VPN connection, the user should select Add VPN.
Step 5: A pop-up menu would appear wherein the user should input the details pertaining to the VPN connection they wish to add. Type of VPN connection, which depicts the type of VPN protocol which the user is going to connect with i.e. PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec, OpenVPN etc. should be chosen. This type of VPN connection would be entirely based on the VPN service provider.
Step 6: Other details pertaining to the VPN connection such as VPN name, server address, server name, encryption bit rate etc. should also be filled by the user in the respective slots.
Step 7: After entering all these particulars, the user should click Save to save the setup. The setup process is done. To confirm whether the new connection that has been setup VPN on HTC Desire is available, the user can click on the Wireless & Networks to make sure that the connection is available.

Need to Setup VPN on HTC Desire

VPN connection has become a must nowadays because of the demand amongst internet users. Internet users who want to access all the websites streamed in different parts of the world and also maintain a decent level of security and anonymity should find that VPN is the best and only reliable option available for them. Due to a lot of data theft and loss that have occurred in the past for individuals and businesses, the importance given to security and anonymity has increased over the years.
VPNs offer a tunnel based internet network system, which operates on encrypted tunnel based network protocols such as PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, IPSec etc. and all these encrypted bit protocols provide higher level of security to the user. Apart from this feature, higher picture quality is another valuable add-on that users would be able to obtain. Improved internet speed than what they would normally obtain from their own private internet connection can be experienced from the better latency offered by VPNs. Improved bandwidth range is responsible by providing HD picture quality to the users who watch movies, TV shows, videos, series etc. through the VPN connection.
Now, that we have understood how to setup VPN on HTC Desire and what is the need for a Virtual Private Network, the next stage of this article would deal with how to connect to a VPN using HTC Desire.

VPN Connecting procedure

Step 1: Similar to that of the setup, settings menu should be chosen from the Home screen.
Step 2: Under Wireless & Networks menu in Settings, the VPN connection which the person would have added to their network would be displayed.
Step 3: From the list, choose the VPN connection to which you want to connect to. A pop-up menu would appear stating the connecting credentials such as username and password. After entering these particulars, click on Connect.
Thus, the VPN connection would be established. Status of the VPN connection would also be displayed. Disconnecting with a VPN server can be done by simply clicking on the Notifications tab on the HTC Desire smartphone and after that, by selecting the VPN connection, choose disconnect, the connection would be terminated.


Best VPN to Setup VPN on HTC Desire

Smartphone users would be worried about choosing a VPN service provider because their concern would also be on their smartphone, because a new connection should not harm their system, which VPNs definitely wouldn’t. Comprehensive list of the best VPNs to Setup VPN on HTC Desire is given below.

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