Setup Instructions for the Configuration of an OpenVPN Connection on a Windows Mobile

OpenVPN protocol is a rare option, when it comes to a device running on windows mobile OS. However, there are a few services that offer this support, for which, you might need to configure your device manually, if there is no client support available. Given below is a guide on how to manually configure an OpenVPN connection on a windows mobile device.

  • Before the configuration of the device to be used with an OpenVPN connection, you need to download a ‘.cab’ file for your device, which can be downloaded from the internet. After downloading the file, you need to prepare the file to be used with your windows mobile device for a successful connection.
  • For configuration of the file, you need to download the respective configuration file for the VPN service that you are going to access to this connection.
  • Unpack the configuration file and then open the file with ‘.ovpn’ extension in a notepad to edit the file.
  • In the configuration file, you need to replace certain lines, which include “ca ca.crt”, cert ovpnxx.crt”, “key ovpnxxx.key” and “tls-auth ta.key 1”. These lines need to be replaced with the respective content of the “ca.crt”, “ovpnxxx.crt”, “ovpnxxx. key” and “ta. key” in their respective tags.
  • Now find the line “route-method exe” and delete it from the configuration file and then add a new line “redirect-gateway def1” at the end of the file.
  • After making the above said changes, save the file and then transfer it to the device, which you are willing to configure. Transfer this file in the directory “\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\”  and proceed to the next step.
  • Tap on the ‘start’ button and then on the ‘programs’ option. Here you will see an icon named ‘OpenVPN Connection Manager’, tap on this to run the program and proceed further.
  • After the application is initialized, a 2-monitor icon will be displayed in the system tray to signify the running file.
  • Tap on the icon, then select the ‘start from config’ option and then the ‘openvpnxxx’ option to initiate the connection process.
  • The icon will start blinking in yellow and orange colors, displaying that the connection is being established. The color will change to green, after your device is successfully connected to the VPN server.
  • To verify the connection, you can move to the ‘utils’ option and then select the ‘settings’ option to open the network settings. Here you need to the tap on the ‘VPN’ tab to view running instances, where a connected status alongside the name of the VPN connection is displayed, where ‘CONNECTED’ signifies a successful connection.
  • You can also check the connection state from the ‘ovpnxxx’ tab in the same window.

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So, now you are done with the setup of an OpenVPN connection on your windows mobile device, which you can repeat to configure any other device running the same OS. In order to verify that you are surfing anonymously, you can check the IP address of your system from any of the online IP lookup services available on the web.

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