Self-Censorship for Facebook and Twitter

One of Facebook’s main goals is supposed to be openness. People love it because they can freely share their thoughts with others. There are no socio-economic boundaries or racial and cultural restraints. And because of the richness that people bring to Facebook, it is also a rich source of information on a variety of topics. Twitter has grown to be much like this for millions of others. But Pew Research says that social media platforms like these are making people want to censor their behavior. This can be good to a certain extent, but it goes against the purpose of the sites. HMA is an anti-censorship VPN and does not believe that people should feel this way.

Social Media and Censorship Don’t Mix

Social media became a hit because through it, people could be free. There were fewer constraints on who they could reach and what they could talk about. It was also a way for family and friends to remain close no matter how far they were physically. It was a safe place to share stories and pictures and viewpoints. But now people are being very careful on social media sites, self-censoring to avoid criticism, scams, and privacy breaches.

Self-censorship is not a natural behavior for citizens of free countries. It is people who live under authoritarian rule who usually practice this. They are constantly aware of being watched by others, especially the government. Since the world found out that the NSA and other countries’ spy agencies are also monitoring Internet traffic, this changed. Now everyone online is aware that everything they say and do online may be tracked and recorded by these agencies.

Online Privacy is a Main Factor

According to the study, it is this fear of being spied on that causes most people to censor their posts and comments. And less than half will consider discussing the spying on Facebook and Twitter although almost all would be willing to talk about it face to face. Another factor that drives this unwillingness to talk about hot issues is the desire to be liked. People on social media crave approval and sharing of their content more than speaking their minds. This is not true for all, however, as some simply prefer not to have important discussions online. What we must remember is that we cannot judge how polarized a society is only from what they talk about online.

Even so, many groups believe that the Internet is so much a part of our lives these days that people should be able to discuss controversial issues online. They think that there should not longer be a distinction between personal communication and social media, at least for those who do not live in close proximity. It is especially wrong, they say, when people self-censor because of government monitoring. They should be free to choose to debate online without fear of being identified and tracked.anonymity network

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