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YourPrivateVPN Review- Lightning Fast! Simple! Anonymous!

YourPrivateVPN is a fast, simple and secure VPNprovider, established in 2009 by a Brazilian Company. It provides privacy and anonymity to the users while using the Internet.

Setup and Configuration

YourPrivateVPN is easy to install with ‘Easy Connect’ tool or the customers can instantly configure their own connection without installing any software. It takes very short time to be connected to the servers and ready to surf the internet securely.

Supported Protocols and Operating Systems

YourPrivateVPN service is supported by PPTP protocols. It is compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux (Ubuntu) and the mobile devices of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android.

Server Locations and Site Access

YourPrivateVPN has servers in 7 countries in all over the world, these are the United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and France. Servers can be switched at anytime at anywhere.

With the subscription, the customers can access to the sites like Gmail, Skype, Spotify, MTV, RTL, Facebook, Zattoo, Hulu, YouTube, Twitter, Pandora, ZDF, Iplayer, ITV, N-TV and Vonage from any country in the world.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

YourPrivateVPN service provides very fast speed with unlimited bandwidth to the customers. The transfer speed of a Silver account is 2000 kbps suitable for emailing and web-surfing, while Gold account is 6000 kbps suitable for VOIP or downloading and Premium account provides unlimited speed which is recommended for streaming TV, Video or multi-player gaming.

Pricing Options

YourPrivateVPN service has three different pricing plans. For Silver plan it costs 6 Euro per 1 month, 15 Euro per 3 months and 50 Euro per 1 year. For Gold plan it costs 10 Euro per 1 month, 25 Euro per 3 months and 90 Euro per 1 year. For Premium plan it costs 15 Euro per 1 month, 38 Euro per 3 months and 130 Euro per 1 year. No free trial is offered by the company, it has money back guarantee within 7 days. The available payment options are PayPal, Visa or Ukash.


Privacy and Security Setting

YourPrivateVPN service aims to ensure the maximum privacy and security to the customers. It provides total privacy, encryption and protection without keeping any logs. This service also provides the safety of all data to the customers while using Wi-Fi hotspots at public places like parks, airports, malls and restaurants.

Customer Support

YourPrivateVPN has trained and qualified staff to offer technical and customer supports via email or support ticket, usually within hours.

Final Outcomes

YourPrivateVPN has high speed servers in various countries withlower costs. Also, because of It’s privacy and anonymity, this service is one of th

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