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VPNv6 Review- Advanced Privacy Solution!

VPNv6 is a premium VPN service, established in 2011 by a New Zealand based company. The company offers an advanced privacy solution to its customers and protects the identity and personal information by encrypting the WiFi signals.

Setup and System Configuration

VPNv6 service setup and configurations are very simple and straightforward. Once payment is confirmed, users can log in and download the setup software. Further installation is simple enough.

Protocols and Operating Systems Supported

VPNv6 is supported by OpenVPN, L2TP protocols, compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OS X or iOS. It can be used with mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, as well as DD WRT router.

Server Locations and Site Access

VPNv6 has servers in five different countries- the United States, Germany, Netherlands, France and Hong Kong.

Using this service the customers can be able to unlock several blocked websites like Netflix, Zattoo, MTV, Fox, MLB, Deezer, Hulu, MioTV, Arte, Canal+, HBO Go, Rara, Amazon Prime, Pandora, TVB, NBC, RTL, ProSieben, Amazon Prime, CBS, Spotify, Sat.1, NHL and Vox from any location in the world. They can also access to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Gmail and YouTube from the countries where these sites are banned by the government.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

VPNv6 delivers unlimited speed with unrestricted bandwidth to the customers. The users can easily use the service to download big files, stream a lot of HD videos, play multiplayer online games and use VOIP services for hours without any traffic log.

Privacy and Security

VPNv6 encrypts all data with 128 bit encryption that local ISP will only be able to see a single encrypted data streaming between the user’s computer and one of the servers.

With VPNv6 service, one can enjoy Internet freedom while accessing the Internet from outside WiFi hotspots at hotels, airports, and corporate offices.

Pricing Plans & Payment Options

VPNv6 offers just one package, named Cryptoguard with four different subscription periods of $9.87 a month, $26.32 for 3 months, $46.05 for 6 months and $82.24 a year. The company does not offer any free trial or money refund policy.

VPNv6 allows only the widely used payment modes, includes PayPal and credit card.

Customer Support

VPNv6 provides customer support through Live Chat, Remote Desktop, Support Ticket and Email. The website has also a very elaborate FAQ section covering most of the general and technical queries.

Final Outcomes

Though VPNv6 has a limited number of server locations, it offers a superior online privacy solution that is not yet accessible to other VPN companies with reasonable cost. This VPN service should be the first choice to the customers who wish for the maximum protection.


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