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VPN Secure Review – Numerous Packages and a High Level of User Security

VPN Secure is an Australia based VPN service that has been serving the VPN market since 2010 with an aim to provide a networking solution with high security. This VPN service provider has a record of expanding through the years, with the extension of their server options and improving their services using developed technologies. A review of the features of this service is as given below.

Service Cost

The range of plans offered by this company is a major attraction of this VPN provider, which is described below.

Free VPN:

A free ad supported VPN service is offered with restricted access to 600Mb data usage cap and the US server only. This service is claimed to be slow by the VPN provider, which involves maintenance of activity logs and is offered to window users only.

Smarter DNS:

With an access to the DNS servers of the VPN provider, this package is aimed to provide streaming services for access to Geo-locked media sites. Being a direct connection, it offers no lag while streaming video and is available at a cost of $4.95 for a monthly subscription. This plan is offered with dedicated apps for Mac, windows, iOS and Android users.

All other plans offered with this VPN service are provided without any bandwidth limit with an access to all the servers of the VPN provider through an HTTP proxy. Though, no free trial is offered by the company except the free service, a trial pack for 2 days is offered at a cost of $2.

HTTP Proxy:

This plan is offered at a cost of $3.95 on a monthly basis and provides access to HTTP proxy, which can be configured with all the P2P clients and web browsers. With a separate extension, the need for configuration of the Chrome browser is also eliminated.


This service is available with a PPTP/L2TP protocol option with 128 bit encryption that is commonly used on mobile devices. This package is offered at $7.95 monthly charges.

SSH Socks5:

This VPN service is offered with a socket layer tunnel secured with SSL encryption and is available at $9.95 for a month.


This service is also offered at $9.95 for a month, but offers more security than the SSH Socks5 due to the availability of OpenVPN protocol.


This plan is offered at a monthly cost of $13.95 and offers access to either of OpenVPN or PPTP protocol.

User Privacy

VPN provider stated that user logs are removed every day but the terms of service acts contradictory. Security measures vary with the plan selected by the user with a 2048-bit encryption option available with the OpenVPN connection.


Speed test

The speed test for this connection provided impressive results with a negligible speed drop.

Customer Support

Support to customers is offered via live chat and email based ticket support system. A support forum and FAQ section contain useful information, but the FAQ section is lengthy with lesser hard facts about the service.


A paid trial pack along with restricted information on the website and the contradictory statement in the T&C section for the maintenance of user logs offered somewhat disappointment.

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