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USA IP VPN Review- High Grade Data Encryption & Anonymity

USA IP VPN is one of the leading VPN services, launched in 2008 by a Hungarian company. It is renowned for providing excellent and high grade network security to the web users.

Setup and System Configuration

USA IP VPN has a step-by-step set-up instruction on the website. Once payment is completed, one will be able to log in and to establish the connection. The site also holds useful information about the common errors.

Protocols and Operating Systems Supported

USA IP VPN service works with SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and PPTP protocols. It is compatible with the most common operating systems, including Mac, Windows (8, 7, XP, Vista), Linux (Ubuntu), iOS, iPhone, iPad and Android as well as DD-WRT routers.

Server Locations and Site Access

USA IP VPN currently has 35 servers in 20 countries worldwide, such as United States, Netherlands, Poland, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Hungary, Austria, Hong Kong, Italy, Ukraine, China, Luxembourg, Sweden, Estonia, Russia and Pakistan.

USA IP VPN allows their customers to bypass firewalls and to access location restricted services like Facebook, Hulu, 4OD, RTE, iTV, HBO On Demand, MTV, ESPN, ABC, Pandora, Gmail, Demand 5, Vudu, Netflix, iTV, BBC iPlayer, Eurosport, Spotify, Xfinity and Rara.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

USA IP VPN provides tremendously high speed with unlimited bandwidth. The company has six 600 MBPS bandwidth servers in USA and four 400 MBPS bandwidth servers in UK that users can enjoy streaming, downloading, FTP, gaming, VOIP and browsing activities without any traffic log.

Privacy and Security

USA IP VPN delivers up to 2048 bit security to the customers. The company does not hold any of the private information of their customers more than 48 hours. Secured Wi-Fi Hotspot support makes it safe to use the internet without any susceptibility.

Pricing Plans & Payment Options

USA IP VPN offers several unlimited plans, which are available for $1.49 for 1 day, $3.99 for 1 week, $7.99 for 1 month and $74.99 for 1 year. The service also offers a free demo account with some limitations. The company also has a money back guarantee within 3 days.

The payments are accepted through PayPal, MasterCard, Alertpay, Visa, Precunix and Liberty Reserve.

USA ip

Customer Support

USA IP VPN offers excellent customer support through instant messaging, phone and email. The support staff is so effective that they respond to most queries within a reasonable time.

Final Outcomes

Though USA IP VPN offers only one package to the customers, it provides the vast networks with high grade of encryption strength. It would be the first choice to the customers who wish to get highly secured internet at a reasonable cost.

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