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TorGuard VPN Review– Offers with all the Vital Security, Privacy and Support Options

TorGuard is a VPN service offered by a Panama based company, which offers anonymity for the users involved in sharing files through BitTorrent or other torrent clients. Along with this, there are strong security and privacy features for other users also. A poor execution offers a discontent despite a strong performance offered by this VPN service, however, a detailed analysis of the features and performance of this VPN service is discussed in this review as below.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered with three different pricing plans as discussed below.

Anonymous Bittorent Proxy:

This plan is offered at a cost of $5.95 for a monthly subscription and is available especially for bittorent client users. There are guides offered by this VPN provider for the configuration of Vuse and other BitTorrent clients or a preconfigured client for an easy use.

Anonymous VPN:

This VPN service is available at a monthly cost of $9.95 and offers an access to more than 30 servers along with a 256-bit encryption and unlimited bandwidth and speed. This service is offered with a free trial service for 24 hours and a money back guarantee offer for 30 days.

Anonymous email:

This is a free service offered by offshore email storage of 10 MB and a G/PGP secure web based encryption. Users can extend their storage space to unlimited for monthly charges of $5.33 or $4.16 with quarterly or annual billing options.

User Security

TorGuard scores well in the security area, where it utilizes an OpenVPN protocol with a 256-bit encryption or the 128-bit encryption for PPTP protocol, if OpenVPN not supported. The company follows no user log policy, thus offers a higher level of privacy for all its users. So, overall it provides an assurance of a secure and private connection with its servers for all the users of its service.

Registration and Connection

The registration for the service is a simple process, but it asks for a significant amount of personal information to get the user registered, which is not common in most of the VPN providers. The client software provided with this service is simple and easy-to-use but comes with an ugly look that may disappoint many users.

Speed & Support

For the speed tests conducted over the VPN servers of this company located in Holland and UK, the results were quite impressive with a negligible speed drop. However, this service offers a support for windows, Mac and Linux OS users with a dedicated client and an app to be used for OpenVPN connection on Android devices. Other devices like iOS devices, Boxee Bee and DD-WRT routers are supported by configuration guides.

Customer Support

A support to customers is offered through a live chat option along with a ticket based support system, while the chat facility was observed unavailable for a considerable time. The website of this VPN provider is clean and easy-to-navigate and the customer area also offers all the necessary links.



While there are certain things, where it confuses the user like pricing options, poor live chat support and others.

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TorGuard VPN Review– Offers with all the Vital Security, Privacy and Support Options, 3.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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