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StrongVPN Review

StrongVPN is the oldest Virtual Private Network providers in the world. It was originally named Reliablehosting.com and provided other services, but was one of the first agencies to start promoting VPN services. Since its introduction it has developed a network in 20 countries with 382 servers offering different IP addresses in each one. The credibility of this company is unsurpassed by any other provider because of the experience it has attained by being the oldest VPN service on the market today.

StrongVPN Connection Speed

One of the first things our StrongVPN review did was test the speed of this provider. Connection speed is important to most users because many people are streaming videos and using media centers that require more speed than a basic VPN service can offer.

During our speed test for this service, we found that the type of protocol we used for our connection made a slight difference in the speed StrongVPN provided. For the PPTP we found the connection to be the fastest. Download speed was about 30Mbps, while the upload speed was 1.35Mbps and there was only a slight drop between protocols. Since this is more than fast enough to watch a movie without your computer stopping to download more of the connection, we found this service graded well for during our connection speed test.

strongvpn review

Pricing Structure

While speed of the connection is important, many people and companies want to know more about how much this service is going to cost. Our StrongVPN review found the pricing structure to offer multiple plans.

  • Lite PPTP3 was only $7 a month or $75 a year, but only offered services in America
  • Lite Open was $10 a month or $66 a year and offered 99 different servers, but only in one country
  • Standard Open was $15 a month or $155 a year with access to 110 servers in one country
  • Deluxe Open was $20 a month or $210 a year with access to 164 servers in 12 countries
  • Four Cities with PPTP or Open was $85 a year
  • Four Cities with only PPTP was $50 a year
  • Euro and American with PPTP or Open was $85 a year
  • Euro and American with only PPTP was $55 a year
  • One week money back guarantee

These prices were what we found at the time of this publication and are subject to change at any moment, but as you can see, it does make a difference in which protocol you choose and where you want to get your IP addresses from.

Using StrongVPN

We know that ease of use and set up is important to many users, so during our StrongVPN review we tested this capability. There is not software that must be installed on your equipment, which is different than many VPN services. StrongVPN offers OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec protocols, but all you have to do to start using this service is sign up and configure your device.

StrongVPN offers instructional guides that you can follow easily, but here are the basic steps:

  • After registering and setting up your account, you need to go to your equipments Control Panel
  • Select Network and Connections, or something similar
  • Select Make a New Connection or something similar
  • Select Choose Workspace or something similar
  • Select Use My Internet VPN Connection or something similar
  • Enter the server name of your VPN provider
  • Leave Domain empty
  • Enter VPN password
  • Enter VPN user name

Once this is all done, you can start selecting your VPN connection to get online and this will protect you with its security protocols.

Customer Support

One thing that our StrongVPN review found that most users will like is the excellent customer service this provider offered. This provider is one of the few that offer live customer service availability every our of the day around the year. It has 3 different ways to contact live support or tech support: Skype, chat live or by telephone. This makes contacting them when you need them very simple and convenient.

StrongVPN Advantages and Disadvantages

Our StrongVPN review covered the pros and cons of this service provider. During our testing we think it is important to let our readers know what problems that are commonly faced by users of this service, as well as what benefits they receive from StrongVPN.


  • Offers excellent locations in Europe and North America with plenty of IP addresses
  • Has plenty of protocols to choose from and simple to use
  • Price is comparable to most VPN services
  • Offers unlimited Bandwidth making it one of the fastest services


  • Only uses 128-bit encryption software, while competitors are using 256-bit encryption
  • Pricing is complicated for the average user
  • Competitors has more servers and country locations, about 50 percent more compared to what StrongVPN offers
  • Installation can be complicated depending on the device and protocol being used
  • Privacy issues were found when disconnecting from the service and connecting to the local ISP

These are just some of the pros and cons we found during our StrongVPN review, but you can read the customers comments on our other pages to see what the customers, or past customers, are saying about them. You just need to go to our articles and comments section to view additional information.


Our StrongVPN review has rated this service in our top 5 providers, but still lacked a lot of features that our other top VPNs offered. Since it is the oldest VPN, it was one of the most stable and we rarely lost our connection from any device we used this provider on.

StrongVPN was one of the few that did connect to every operating system we used, including all the Windows versions, Mac versions, Android, Blackberry and others, while we found it even worked well when we wanted to connect gaming consoles to this service.

After conducting this in-depth review of StrongVPN, we did find this to be one of the best out of the 260 reviews we have performed. It is rated as one of our top 5 recommended services and our expert VPN technicians found they liked how well it operated and protected their connection. We found you could use this service to connect to BBC iPlayer or any website that was restricted to Great Britain while outside the country. You can read more of our reviews and see our top 5 list.

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