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Shellfire VPN Review- Striking Speed! Flexibility! & Encryption!

Shellfire VPN is an internet security application by Shellfire Company, which is available now on the Google Play Store. It enables one to maintain the privacy and anonymity while surfing the Internet.

Setup and System Configuration


The Shellfire VPN’s setup procedure is simple enough. When first launching the app, one have to create a user account and log in immediately. Then, the user will be automatically directed to the main page of the app, which is divided into three tabs: Connect, Server list and Premium. All the setup instructions are given there in detail.


Protocols and Operating Systems Supported

Shellfire VPN has some advanced protocol supports such as OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec. This service is compatible with the operating systems such as Windows (Vista, 7, XP), Mac OS/X or Linux. It can be also run with mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android) and DD-WRT routers.

Server Locations and Site Access

Shellfire VPN has international servers in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, The United States and The United Kingdom. This application can be switched between servers at any time depending on the users’ needs and the strength of the Internet connection.
Shellfire VPN offers the possibility of online surfing and video streaming. One can also make uninterrupted voice calls through Skype.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

The connection speed depends on the service versions. In the free version, the bandwidth of only 768 kbit/s is accessible, with Premium it becomes 7200 kbit/s, and Premium Plus service provides unlimited speed. Undoubtedly, Premium Plus is the best choice to the users.

Privacy and Security

Shellfire VPN is a simple software solution. With advanced security features one can make sure that hackers don’t get any information like passwords, credit card PINs or any other personal information.

Shellfire VPN


Technical and Customer Support

The Shellfire company provides online support ticketing, online forum and Instructions and FAQ’s to help their customers with any inquiries they have.

Packaging and Pricing Options

Shellfire has no free trial account currently available, except in the Netherlands. They have the unlimited usage packages of 6.49 € for a month, 19.47 € for three months, 38.94 € for six months and 70.10 € a year. There is an offer of a complete two week money back guarantee for all of their customers.


Final Outcomes

Shellfire VPN has attractive speed, flexibility and encryption, especially in the paid versions. Though this service is more expensive than existing alternatives, it’s really worthy to spend money for this service to get the ultimate secured internet with your own.

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