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SecurityKiss VPN Review -Simple & Secure Service to its Clients with Nice Customer Support

SecurityKiss is an Ireland based VPN service provider that offers secured service to its customers. This VPN provider works on the basic motto of providing a private, anonymous and secured internet connection. The services offered by this provider are simple and easy to use along with an assurance of easy adaptability to non technical users as well. This has been achieved with the development of a simple to and minimalist client software that is used to connect to their servers. Various features of this VPN service are discussed below.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered with both paid and unpaid versions of their service, with the free version is offered with a 300MB data usage per month. The paid packages are offered with prices on the basis of the amount of data cap limit for the service, where the lowest pack offers 20GB usage limit to the users at a cost of 2.99 euros per month. Other limited packages are available with limits of 30GB and 50GB data usage and are available with price tags of 3.99 and 5.99 euros per month respectively. The highest package offers an unlimited data usage and is offered at a cost of 9.99 euros only.

User Security

For the security of the users, different protocols that are used include PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, out of which the connection with an OpenVPN protocol is considered to be the most secure one. The use of a private key for every user ensures both the user and the service provider of a highly secured connection. With the use of a security key, a secure tunnel is established between the user and the server, thus maintaining a protection from various cyber attacks. Also, the use of dedicated as well as shared IP addresses confirms the high level of user authenticity adding to their privacy. Thus, this VPN service is ranked very well in terms of user privacy & security.

Client App & Customer Support

The users of this service are supported with the use of an easy to install and use client software providing a simple procedure to connect to their server. With over 15 servers located across prime locations in the world, it offers a server switch option to the users. Support for technical queries of customers is provided with various options including email address and support ticket based support, on call and text based support through Skype and a dedicated helpline number provided by the company.



This VPN service supports various operating system platforms for its use including Windows and Mac for desktop users and Android & iOS operating systems for mobile device users.


The cost of securitykiss vpn service is quite affordable as compared to other service providers available in the market. A free package offered with limited features and data usage limit can be used for testing the speed and the reliability of this connection. This service is limited to local users only, which comes as a great limitation in terms of its growth in the VPN market.Here is our top 5 vpn providers list.

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