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SecurityKISS Review- Easy & Smart!

SecurityKISS is a VPN service provider, launched by an Ireland based company. This service aims to provide a private, anonymous and secured internet connection to its customers.

Setup and Configuration

SecurityKISS has a user-friendly interface with a standard VPN setup procedure. The company provides all required setup and configuration guides on their website.

Protocols & IPs

SecurityKISS supports PPTP, L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN protocols, along with shared and dynamic IP.

Supported Operating Systems & Devices

SecurityKISS supports various operating systems and devices, including Windows, Linux and Mac for desktop users and Android & iOS operating systems for mobile device users.

Server Locations and Site Access

SecurityKISS has servers in 10 countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, Canada, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Italy.

Most locations have multiple servers which allow the customers to access premium sites like ABC, CBS, HBO Go, Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Rara, Netflix and Pandora as well as some location restricted sites like Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, Twitter and Skype from any location.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

SecurityKISS offers impressive speed. Free users are only allowed to access limited speed connections using 300MB bandwidth per day. Other premium plans offer unlimited speed and bandwidth, which allows the users to enjoy emailing, downloading, online gaming, VoIP and video chats without facing any speed throttling.

Pricing & Payment Options

SecurityKISS offers various pricing plans on the basis of data usage limitations. The Green plan offers 300 MB/day at free of cost, Olivine offers 20 GB for €2.99 per month, Malachite offers 30 GB for €3.99 per month, Jadeite offers 50 GB for €5.99 a month and Emerald offers unlimited usage for €9.99 a month. The company has no money return offer for the customers.

SecurityKISS offers several payment options, including PayPal, CashU, Wire Transfer, Alert Pay, Liberty Reserve and BitCoin.


Privacy and Security

SecurityKISS ensures high level of privacy, security and anonymity while browsing the web. This service secures passwords, social accounts and financial transactions of customers from criminals and hackers without logging network connections. The users can also secure their personal data at Wi-Fi hotspots in public places like parks, airports, malls and restaurants.


Customer Support

SecurityKISS provides customer support through email, support ticket, phone call and Skype. The company also has a FAQ section on the website to reply all the inquiries of their customers.

Final Outcomes

SecurityKISS offers both limited and unlimited services at a very reasonable cost. Though this service is limited to local users only, it provides a high level of internet security. SecurityKISS would be a wise choice as a reliable security service.

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