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SecureWebPoint Review- Fast, Secure & Reliable

SecureWebPoint is one of the VPN providers that has been creating a service since 2009 to protect the customers from online security threats. The company aims to ensure that the users are fully protected when using the internet.

Setup and System Configuration

SecureWebPoint must be installed manually. All the setup and configuration instructions are available on the company’s website. As soon as the payment is done the customers will be able to run the service in minutes.

Supported Protocols, OS and Devices

SecureWebPoint supports multiple VPN protocols like IPSec, PPTP, Open VPN, SSL and L2PT. It is compatible with popular Operating Systems (OS) like Windows (7, 8, Vista, XP), Mac OS, Mac OS X, Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu) etc. It is also suitable for mobile devices like iPod, iPad, iPhone, Windows mobile or Android.

Server Locations and Site Access

SecureWebPoint has servers in two countries- the United State of America and the United Kingdom. With this VPN, the user can change the old IP address and get a new one that allows to access the blocked sites from another country.

Using the service one can unblock Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Gmail, which are blocked in some countries.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Performance of SecureWebPoint is fairly average, compared to other products in the market. It provides unlimited speed without speed restrictions or download limitations. The users can safely this service for the business work, Thunderbird, MSN or even Skype.

Privacy and Security

SecureWebPoint VPN offers a very secure internet connection that encrypts all browser activity so hackers are not able to steal any personal information of the customers e.g. Bank details, Facebook details, shopping account details etc.

Pricing and Payment Options

SecureWebPoint offers mainly three VPN plans- OpenVPN plan is available for $10 a month, Net Guard plan is for $8.20 a month and My World plan is for $8.20 a month. Some premium add-on options are also available for mobile devices.

The customers can pay their bills through credit card, master card, bank transfer, Visa or PayPal options.


Customer Support

The SecureWebPoint VPN service offers an excellent customer support program via Twitter, live chat, remote desktop, support ticket and email. The customers can also visit the Facebook page for any discussions. It takes a short time to get the reply from the company.

Final Outcomes

In a nutshell, It can be concluded that SecureWebPoint is a reliable VPN provider. Without any doubt one can easily choose this service to enjoy secured and private internet surfing.

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