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SecretsLine VPN Review – Customized VPN Solutions

SecretsLine VPN founded in 2007, since then it has established itself as one of the top VPN service providers. It is based in Virgin Islands, United Kingdom. In this review, you will read about its various features, so you can decide whether to get it subscribed or not.

Server Locations

SecretsLine servers are located in 27 countries. The name of these 27 countries are USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Sweden, Poland, Panama, Romania, Russia, Israel, Singapore, Finland, Austria, Turkey, Estonia, Moldova, Latvia, Malaysia, India, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, and Ukraine. The variety of server locations offered by SecretsLine makes it easy to unblock GEOIP restricted sites such as Amazon Prime, NBC, Zulu, Love Film, Pandora, Eurosport, ESPN, HBO Go, Rara, Xfinity, Spotify, Netflix, iTV, ABC, 4OD, Zattoo, NFL, and CTV from around the world. This VPN Company even bypasses the firewalls and censorship from set by the governments in China and Middle Eastern countries. So now you can have access to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Skype, and YouTube without any problem. SecretsLine also allows server switching that gives added advantages to their customers.

Speed and Bandwidth

Speed and bandwidth is something that is the most important aspect of any VPN company. The subscribers of SecretsLine enjoy unlimited speeds and unrestricted bandwidth that makes the experience worthwhile and unforgettable. This feature is also crucial for playing online games, making VOIP calls, streaming movies, downloading and uploading content.

There are many VPN countries that don’t allow P2P and torrent activities, but SecretsLine gives you these added advantages.

Privacy Settings

SecretsLine supports both PPTP and OpenVPN protocols, which means it has unmatched privacy. Users will never have to worry about their log activities as the VPN Company doesn’t keep track of such user logs. You will also get HTTP Proxy with each subscription so you can remain anonymous during entire user sessions.

Supported Systems

SecretsLine is compatible with both Windows as well as mobile devices and their operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS etc.

Customer Support

The VPN offers fast and professional support services to its users through email, Jabber, and ICQ.

Pricing Structure

The cost is $9 per month for Standard VPN. The Anonymous plan can be bought for $19 per month, this plan is better for people who want more security and server locations. The Double VPN will cost you $29 per month.



There is also a 15 day refund policy so if you are not satisfied with SecretsLine VPN service it will not cost you anything.

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