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RemoteVPN Review- Unlimited & Cheap!

RemoteVPN is one of the best VPN services, established in 2009 by a US based company. The company aspires to provide the utmost level of privacy, freedom and anonymity to its customers.

Setup and Configuration

RemoteVPN has a quick and simple setup procedure and it doesn’t require downloading or installing other softwares. Detailed setup instructions are provided by the company, on its website.

Supported Protocols and Operating Systems

RemoteVPN service provides 128 bit encryption through the PPTP security protocol. It is compatible with devices using Windows (XP/Vista/7), Linux, Mac OS X, Symbian60, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Smart phones or tablets.

Server Locations and Site Access

RemoteVPN has VPN servers in 4 different countries- the United States, Luxembourg, Germany and the United Kingdom. The customers can switch their servers at anytime at anywhere.

Though the server location option is limited, the users can unlock restricted services like 4OD, Hulu, Netflix, ABC, iTV, CBS, NBC, NFL, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, Pandora, Lovefilm, Vudu and Xfinity from any of the four countries. It also enables the users to unlock popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, YouTube and Skype, which are abandoned sites by some governments like China, Middle East, Brazil and Thailand.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

RemoteVPN provides unlimited speed with unrestricted bandwidth to its customers. Using this service the users will be able to download huge files, stream the live events and HD movies, perform online gaming and also VOIP activities.

Pricing Options

RemoteVPN has 2 different types of VPN plans. One is unlimited plans available for $5 per month ($12 for 3 months) and another one is premium unlimited plans for $25 per month ($60 for 3 months). The company also has a 48 hour trial offer for $2. The customers can pay their bill using Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.

Privacy and Security

RemoteVPN service never monitors the user activity. It does not publish any information to third parties related to the customers. The service also secures wireless hotspots while using Wi-Fi networks available at airports, libraries, shopping malls, coffee shops and hotels.

Customer Support

RemoteVPN offers excellent customer and technical support through live chat, phone call, support ticket and email. The support staff always try to respond to the queries within a sensible short time though they fail sometimes.


Final Outcomes

RemoteVPN service offers an attractive price option and logging policy. Though, it has limited servers, paid trial access and a weak support staff, it could be the best option to the customers for the high level of security it provides.



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