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Raptor VPN Review – An American Based VPN Service Acquired by a Startup Company Spotflux VPN

Raptor VPN, a free service offered by an American company, was regarded as the best VPN provider in the industry. For a number of users, who wish to get aligned to the quality of their service, this VPN company has been fully acquired by the Spotflux, in order to provide a better service to all its customers. So, this review is based on the services offered by Spotflux VPN as Raptor VPN now completely operates and offers all the features provided by this VPN provider.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered by 2 plans, premium and free, where the free version is an ad supported version that offers satisfying security and privacy levels. The premium version of this service is offered at a low cost of $2.99 for a monthly subscription, while the same is available at an annual cost of $29.95. Another attraction offered by this VPN provider is that the annual pack is offered at a lower price of $9.95 for the first year of use. The premium service is offered with ad blocking, ultra fast along with advanced security features.

Security Features

This company doesn’t reveal much detail about the security features of its VPN service, but some other internet sources reveal that it provides an option of PPTP, IPSec, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols. However, the VPN provider claims to offer an advanced malware protection and enhanced privacy measures to provide a high level of security and privacy for all its users. These advanced features are available with the paid premium service, where the free service is supported by IP hiding and safe browsing protection features for a secure and private access to the internet services.

Speed & Reliability

This VPN service is offered with no cap on bandwidth and data usage, offering unlimited access to the internet. It utilizes the latest high-speed equipments to regulate the quality and speed of the network connection. Along with this, it provides an ad-blocking feature to prevent any speed lag, thus enhancing the overall speed of the connection with this service. The ad-supported free version is likely to show some lag due to popping up ads and lack of high-speed network equipment, yet it offers satisfying results.

Supported Devices

This VPN provider initially entered the market with a support for Windows and Mac operating systems only, which has now extended to mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems also. There are dedicated software clients available for each of the supported devices, thus providing an ease of access to its servers and network connection. A user can register up to a total of 5 devices to be used with the premium service offered by this VPN company, thus a user can use an anonymous internet service on all his devices with a single plan.

Raptor VPN

Customer Care

With a limited information made available about the support options, the use of support tickets is revealed under the pricing options. The VPN users subscribed to the premium service offered by this company get a preference over others, while responding to support tickets. Here is the list of top 5 vpn providers.

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