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Private Internet Access VPN Review– A Highly Secured & Easy to Use US Based VPN Service

Private Internet Access is a VPN provider based in the United States and is able to provide a better anonymity to its users due to the ease of data retention laws in the US. Combined with high data speed and an ease of access to the service, this VPN service missed a perfect score by some simple factors. A detailed information about the features of this VPN service is provided in the review as discussed below.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered with a single pricing package called as the “kitchen sink” plan and is available to its users at a cost of $6.95 per month. The same plan is available at a cost of $35.95 for a subscription period of 6 months, and has a price tag of $39.95 for a subscription period of 1 year. Provided with all the types of protocols supported by this VPN provider, a connection to 18 different servers present in 9 different countries is provided along with this service. Though, the lack of a money back guarantee or a free trial do disappoint its customers a bit.


This VPN service provides a secured and private connection option to its users. With no need to collect user logs along with the utilization of the shared IP system, users are ensured of a high level of privacy while accessing its services. The user data is secured with the use of an OpenVPN protocol using a 128bit encryption of CBC Blowfish, which is fine for many purposes. To add more to the security of the users, auto disconnect and DNS leak prevention features are also available.

Sign Up & Connection

The process of sign up for this service is quite easy, where no information except the email address of the user is required to be filled. With the availability of Bitcoin payment feature, user security is further enhanced. The client software for windows based system is a simple one to use and configure for the connection. Both basic and advanced settings are easy to be configured and understood by a user, thus offering an easy to use service.

Speed Test

The tests made for the speed of the connection through the UK and Netherlands servers of this service provided excellent results with a negligible speed drop.


With clients dedicated to be used on Mac & windows systems and setup guides for various Android, DD-WRT router and Boxee Box devices, this service is offered with an easy usability.

Customer Service

For the convenience of customers, the website of this VPN provider is developed with easy to navigate features and is loaded with useful information for its users. For support of the customers, an email based ticket system, to which the response is provided in a timely fashion by its representatives. Another option available for an immediate customer support is the live chat system. A FAQ section available on their website is also helpful to the VPN users.


The lack of free trial caused some disappointment, but they offer a 7 day money back guarantee. However, they allow users to choose their own level of encryption: AES-128, AES-256, and Blowfish.

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Private Internet Access

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