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Pirate VPN Review- Limited Servers, but Numerous Service Plans

Pirate VPN is a leading internet security service, founded in 2010 by a British VPN company. This service offers the customers a freedom of browsing and a solution to access to restricted resources.

Setup & Configuration

Pirate VPN provides instant activation for the customers. All the required setup guidelines are available online at the company’s website.

Supported Protocols, OS and Devices

Pirate VPN offers PPTP and OpenVPN protocol supports. It works with most major operating systems, including Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS X, Linux. It is also compatible with mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Windows mobiles, Android and DD-WRT routers.

Server Locations and Site Access

Pirate VPN has servers in only one country, Hungary.
It also gives access to location restricted websites such as Hulu, ABC, BBC iPlayer, Pandora, CBC, NBC, HBO, Fox, Spotify, MTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Rara, iTV, NFL, Eurosport and CBS from any location. Using this service one can also unblock Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Gmail, which are blocked in some countries.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

Pirate VPN provides unlimited speed with unrestricted bandwidth options. The five service plans Copper, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum offer 1 GB, 20 GB, 500 GB, 30,000 GB and 750,000 GB bandwidth respectively.
Using this service the users can download huge files, stream HD movies and TV shows, make VOIP calls and play online games without any speed throttling.

Pricing & Payment Options

Pirate VPN offers five pricing plans. Copper plan is available for $1 per 7 days, Silver plan is for $ 5 per 1 month, Gold plan is for $ 10 per 2 months, Diamond plan is for $ 50 per 3 months and Platinum plan is for $ 100 per 1 year. Though there is no free trial offer, the company offers a money back guarantee to the customers.

Privacy and Security

Linkideo VPN provides a higher level of privacy and security. The company uses 128-bit encryption key to protect online sessions so the personal and financial details remain secure at all times.
This service also provides the safety of all data to the customers while using Wi-Fi hotspots in public places like parks, airports, malls and restaurants.

Customer Support

Pirate VPN provides excellent customer support through email and support ticket. It also has a FAQ section on their website to reply all their customers’ inquiries instantly.

Pirate Party of Canada VPN

Final Outcomes

Pirate VPN has several service offers providing high speed security at reasonable costs. Though there is only one server location, because of the top-grade privacy and anonymity, this service can be the best choice as a VPN provider.




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