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Pirate Party of Canada VPN Service Review

Pirate Party of Canada VPNis the best service for the Canadian citizens. Users can get about 200 GB of data at a rate of just $10. The only drawback that you find with this service is that only people living inside Canada can utilize this service.

Packages & Pricing

Pirate Party of Canada VPN has kept its service and pricing plan very simply by asking for $10 per month. Users can make this payment through various payment methods including PayPal and other card options like Master, Visa, and credit cards. Initially the bandwidth offered is limited to 200 GB but it gradually improves.

Privacy & Security

The VPN provider has improved security through its SSL connection besides offering OpenVPN protocol. Both of these technologies are regarded the best in their category and together they form a great combination in order to provide security to its subscribers. Users are also able to add privacy with the access to shared IP dynamic addresses. This technology is useful if you are looking to surf the net while remaining anonymous from hackers and trackers. The VPN also hides your personal details.

Speed& Location

As the Pirate Party of Canada VPN service is available just in Canada, it is restricted to Canadian users only. However, it gives excellent speed to every single user as 200 GB of bandwidth is available.


Compatibility is not an issue with this VPN service, as users can install it on any of the top systems running on Windows, Linux, or Mac. The company is also supporting mobile devices, but at the moment the only support available is for the jailbreak version of the iPhone. There are rumors that in the near future we will see the support android as well, which owns a huge market at the moment.

Customer Support

Pirate Party of Canada VPN offers a number of customer support options to its VPN users. Customers can contact through email support, live chat, and a ticket based system if they are having any problem or in case they need little explanation about their plan. The online support staff is quick in responding and answering any questions that you may be thinking about.

Pirate Party of Canada VPN


There are few drawbacks to this service such as lack of support for multiple mobile devices as well as lacking in configuration guides. The server options are also restricted to Canada only. It is hoped that Pirate Party of Canada VPN will work on these drawbacks in the near future.

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