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Overplay VPN Review– A Fast Growing Service with High Security & Ease of Access Features

Overplay VPN service is famous for its innovative features provided to the VPN users and has managed to make a place in the VPN market. This provider is one among those that have experienced the fastest growth in the VPN market and this company has maintained its 48 servers across the world to provide high end services. Thus, this VPN service gets an edge over other services provide high connection speeds due to a locally available server.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered with two different options to subscribe to the desired one, Global VPN & SMartDNS.

SmartDNS: This package is offered at a price of $4.95 for a monthly subscription and there is no need of any software client to use this service. Minor changes in the DNS settings of your system will allow you to enjoy unlimited browsing and is preferred to be used in countries, where certain content or sites are blocked. This package is compatible to be used with various devices like PS3 and others.

Global VPN: This package comes with a price tag of $9.95 for a monthly subscription and offers all the features provided with the SmartDNS package. The benefit of using this package is that it offers added encryption for the security of the user data transferred across the server connection.

User Security

All the servers offered by this service are provided a security with the use of OpenVPN encrypted using 128bit Blowfish and L2TP & PPTP connections with IPSec and MPPE encryptions. Other than these, SSTP connection encrypted using SSL encryption is also offered for supporting systems. For privacy of the user, no log is maintained, while a log of connection timing is maintained that is destroyed after regular intervals of time.

Registration & Connection

The registration process for this service requires you to enter all the personal details along with the log in credentials of your choice. After this, the user is mailed a link to continue the registration process and to install the client software for this VPN service. Thus, the process of registration, although a bit longer, is easy with a convenient connection process.

Speed & Compatibility

This VPN connection has been tested on the speedest.net website for the verification of the connection speed using its servers. All the tests resulted in an impressive response favoring the fact that the connection offers a reliable connectivity with higher connection speed. This service is compatible with various devices capable of accessing the internet like Xbox 360, PS3 and others but lacks support for all the OS platforms.

Customer Support

A 24*7 support to customers via online chat option available on their website provides them an upper edge from a skilled and knowledgeable staff. The website for this service is very user friendly that offers easy navigation to its visitors. Also the customer area provided along with this site is kept simple like the website to offer ease of access to various features.



Overall, the Overplay VPN service is one that can be referred to other users due to its ease of access combined with high security and fairly priced and attractive packages. A few drawbacks observed with this service include the lack of money back guarantee and lack of OS support. Visit Overplay VPN

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Overplay VPN Review– A Fast Growing Service with High Security & Ease of Access Features, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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