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NextGenVPN Review –Services Offered To Its Customers

Launched in 2009, NextGenVPN is considered one of the best VPN Company because it offers good security to users worldwide. In this article you will have a closer look at NextGenVPN and read about its pros and cons. If you are looking to subscribe its services, this article will also help you make that decision.

Server Locations and Site Access

NextGenVPN servers are currently available in 12 countries that include Thailand, Panama, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, and the USA. The wide distribution of server locations helps its users to bypass GEO-IP restricted services in these 12 countries. After your account is activated, it becomes very easy to unlock hundreds of sites such as Google, Facebook, Pandora, Skype, Netflix, and Hulu. Furthermore, NextGenVPN also give you added advantage of having unlimited server switching so that you can access content from more than a single country.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

The speed and bandwidth of NextGenVPN are regarded among the best VPN service providers. The company offers metered as well as unmetered VPN plans to the subscribers. This high speed and bandwidth is very important for downloading large files, HD streaming videos, and online gaming. The VPN service is also ideal when it comes to P2P, and torrent activities.

Privacy Settings

NextGenVPN supports both PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols. Both of these protocols are crucial when high end privacy and security is required.

Customers of NextGenVPN do not have to worry about the VPN, keeping track of their browsing sessions and personal information. Only the connection data are stored for a few days for the sake server maintenance.

Supported Operating Systems

NextGenVPN works well with all commonly used operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS. You can also use it on devices such as smart TVs, and gaming consoles. The setup and installation process is extremely easy and needs no prior training what so ever.

Customer Support

The customer support system offered by NextGenVPN constitutes a dedicated helpdesk system, where customers can make a free phone call.

Pricing Options

NextGenVPN plan starts from $17.9 per month, which is for the unlimited OpenVPN protocol. However, there is a cheaper option available in the shape of PPTP plan, which costs only $8.99 per month.

Final Verdict

NextGenVPN service is a good choice of VPN that has many advantages, the only negative about this VPN is that it is bit expensive as compared to others.

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