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LifeVPN Review- Instant Setup at Anytime! Anywhere!

LifeVPN is an excellent solution for online privacy and freedom. It creates an encrypted tunnel between the computer and one of the servers, and then forwards all the internet traffic through this link.

Setup and Configuration

LifeVPN requires no contracts between the customer and the server. One can easily buy and use this service with instant setup.Standard pass users may choose to use SSL or PPTP. SSL is more stable and low overhead. PPTP is easy to use.There are some online setup guides for both services.

Protocols Supported

LifeVPN service is compatible with any devices that support PPTP or SSL VPN (OpenVPN). It is supported by popular operating systems like MS-Windows (7/Vista/XP), MacOS, iPhone, iPad, Android etc.

Server Locations and Site Access

LifeVPN servers have multiple data centers in Hong Kong, China. It is the only region of China with high speed connections to central China and the rest of the world without Internet restrictions.

Privacy and Security

LifeVPN protects the identity of the users and allows them to become anonymous by replacing their IP addresses with their IP addresses. It encrypts all data users transmit over the Internet via an encrypted secure virtual tunnel. This provides a protective shield to the users’ computers.


LifeVPN is perfect for anyone who travels from one place to others, because it works in any location and encrypts all data transmissions for internet security.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

LifeVPN has such agood speed and dedicated bandwidth throughout the network servers. User can be able to browse facebook, watch HD movies, VOIP, download / upload data, and play multiplayer games online without a problem using LifeVPN service.

Customer Support

For any inquiries related to LifeVPN service, customers can send their email to this email address, support@lifevpn.com or they can also visit the LifeVPN facebook page for any discussions. It takes not a long time to get the reply from the company.


Pricing Options

LifeVPN service requires no joining fees, no long-term contracts. There are several packages of LifeVPN. For standard services, there are three packages of $0.99 per 1 day, $2.99 per 1 week and $7.49 per 1 month. And for economy services, only 1 month package is available for $6.9. Moreover, the users can renew their service anytime by just logging into the account.

Final Outcomes

It can be concluded that LifeVPN services are really suitable for the users to have a secured internet. More importantly, users can use this service wherever they stay or travel.


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