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Kepard VPN Review – A Small Level VPN Service Offering Modest VPN Service with Attractive Client

Kepard is a small level VPN company based in Moldovan that offers a modest VPN service reasonably priced. With a stylish execution and an impressive customization software, this VPN service manages to stand out in the crowd of other VPN companies. The reliability and performance of this VPN service are discussed in the review as given below.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered with a single package that is available for different subscription terms and is available at a cost of $7 for a monthly subscription. A huge discount is offered with an annual subscription, which is available at a cost of $35 only. This package is named as the Premium package and offers access to servers available in the Netherlands, US, UK, Canada and Germany. With unlimited data usage and traffic speed features, it also allows access to P2P torrent use and a use can use this service on two devices simultaneously. Along with this, a free service for 30 minutes is provided daily and a 5 day free trial period is also offered to help users test the reliability of this service before making any payment.

User Security

For user security, this VPN provider offers a default encryption of 128-bit Blowfish, which can be upgraded to 256-bit encryption. Different protocols supported by this service are PPTP, OpenVPN & L2TP. Regarding privacy, this VPN provider revealed that it maintains logs for IP address, email address and session timings, which are destroyed after 3 days, retaining only email address of the user.

Registration & Connection

Registering with the service for a free trial is easy, while the paid service requires an ample of information before sign-up. With an attractive client software, connecting process is simplified for Windows & Android users, while configuration guides are available for other users.

Compatibility & Speed test

Kepard offers a dedicated client for Android & windows users, while supporting OSX, Linux and windows users with setup guides. In tests conducted to test the speed of an internet, the performance was measured to be a little less than the best, which could have been better.

Customer Support

A support to all the technical as well as non technical queries of the customers is provided through a ticket based system. Although, there is a lack of other options for a support, this service is maintained very well with a knowledgeable staff responding to ticket based queries in a short time.

The website of the VPN provider is easy to navigate with an impressive design with a short FAQ section and a limited amount of information. Along with this, the company has maintained a blog also that is updated either monthly or quarterly.



However, the availability of a limited amount of information on the website is a drawback, which is covered up by the minimum requirement of detailed information to the users. The maximum encryption strength is stated to be 256-bit, but 128-bit is set as default, which could have been better. You may visit Kepard for more details.


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