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iVPN Review– A Simple and Elegantly Designed VPN Service Assuring User Security & Privacy

iVPN is a Malta based VPN service and has an experience of 15 years in the field of online security, thus, marketing its VPN service as a secure option to rely on. Although, some parts of the service are quite impressive, others lack in attractive features, thus this service provider gets a mixed response. Various features of this VPN service are discussed as below and will help you decide, whether to subscribe to this VPN service or not.

Service Cost

Similar to the common trend of VPN pricing, this VPN service is also offered with a single package with charges varying over the subscription term. An impressive addition to the pricing plan form this provider is the ‘once off’ feature, freeing the subscriber from a regular subscription, however, this package needs a premium price of $20 to be paid. Monthly subscription of this service is available at a cost of $15, which is reduced to $40 for a plan of 3 months. Pricing plans for semiannual and annual terms are available with price tags of $70 and $100 respectively. This service is not combined with any free trial pack, however a risk free money back guarantee for 7 days is provided to offer a paid trial period of 7 days.


This VPN service is backed with PPTP, OpenVPN & L2TP protocols combined with a 256 bit encryption to provide a security to the user data shared over their servers. A multi-hop feature allows the traffic to be routed to different servers and maintains no user logs, which provides an assurance of user privacy.

Registration & Connection

The process for registering and subscribing to this service is simple and easy, while the connection process seemed hectic. With no availability of client for Mac users, the manual configuration guide offers an ease with the process along with links to download required supporting files.

Connection Speed & Reliability

Testing this connection across various servers revealed a positive result, when connected using the single hop technology, where the speed loss was a mere negligible. But, when a connection using multihop technology was tested, it disappointed with a significant speed drop.



iVPN supports all the popular OS like Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, Android and also DD-WRT routers with supportive setup guides for all.

Customer Service

The website for iVPN service is simple and elegant with a cleanly designed support section. After moving to the ‘support’ section, three options are available to the customers. The first option allows users to search for any service related information. The second option provides different options to browse the website and find related information provided for the service. The third option provides a link to raise a support ticket to either of the sales, technical or the billing department for a related query. Although, no reference for a response time was found, response for certain test queries was provided in a timely manner. Also, the knowledge base of this site is well managed to provide an easy access to the valuable information.


The security, privacy and support features are excellent, while limited support options and poor performance over iPhone and with the multihop technology are few lacking points.here is list of our top 5 vpn providers.

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