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IPjetable VPN Review- Better to Invest Money Elsewhere!

IPjetable VPN has been around since 2009, launched by a Dutch company aiming to deliver a secure and anonymous VPN service to its customers. It is one of the best VPN providers available in the VPN market.

Setup and Configuration

IPjetable is very user friendly VPN service. The customers can configure the service manually. However, the setup procedures are available on the company’s website. The company allows two simultaneous connections for each account, so the customers can secure their computer and mobile device with one VPN subscription.

Supported Protocols, Operating Systems & Devices

IPjetable VPN is supported by PPTP protocols. It is compatible with Windows (7, XP, Vista), Max OS X, Linux (Ubuntu), iPad, iPhone, Android as well as DD-WRT routers.

Server Locations and Site Access

IPjetable VPN has servers at just one location- Amsterdam in Netherlands. Though the choice of server locations is extremely limited, but by subscribing to this service, one can be able to unlock premium Dutch services such as Spotify, RTL, Rara, Deezer, Film1, Sport1, TVLab and MTV Netherlands from any country in the world and also can access Facebook, Twitter, Vonage, Gmail, YouTube, Skype, and Google Voice.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

IPJetable VPN never strangles with speed or restrict the bandwidth that is available to its users. The speed and bandwidth provided by the service is well enough to download large files, to make unlimited VOIP calls, to perform torrenting, streaming tons of HD content and multiplayer online gaming.

Pricing Options

IPjetable VPN offers unlimited plans for 15 Euros per quarter (3 months). The company does not have any free trial or money return offer, so it is required to invest money to test the service at the beginning. The payment can be done by credit card or PayPal account.

Privacy and Security

IPjetable VPN protects all online activities with 128 bit encryption. The service is compatible to protect personal data like passwords, social accounts, credit card numbers and PayPal login information through unprotected wireless networks at outside like airports, malls, public parks, libraries and coffee shops. The company always respects the privacy of its customers and it will never leak any of data to third parties or the advertisers.


Customer Support

IPjetable VPN has customer support programs through Electronic mail or support ticket systems. Though the company’s website is in French, one can easily translate the language using language translator.

Final Outcomes

IPjetable VPN has lack of preferences like server locations, VPN protocols and subscription plans. Considering this, it is better to invest money elsewhere to get secure and anonymous internet.

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IPjetable VPN Review- Better to Invest Money Elsewhere!, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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