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IdealVPN Review- Safe & Secure Internet

IdealVPN is one of the leading VPN service providers, launched in 2010 by a France based company. The company aims to deliver a safe and secure internet to its customer by encrypting the network traffic.

Setup and Configuration

IdealVPN can be easily set-up. It requires no additional software to install and to complete the full setup and configurations, it takes less than 30 seconds.

Supported Protocols and Operating Systems

The IdealVPN service is supported by PPTP protocols. It is compatible with Windows (XP, 7, Vista), Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Redhat), Mac OS X, iPads, iPhones and Android devices. For other operating systems, it is required to configure the service manually.

Server Locations and Site Access

IdealVPN has servers in 3 countries at present. These are the Netherlands, Germany and France.

With the IdealVPN subscription, the customers can access to the sites like Gmail, Skype, Spotify, MTV, RTL, Facebook, Zattoo, Canal+ TF1, YouTube, Twitter, 3sat, Arte, Vox, ZDF, Sport1, Film1, Rara, Deezer, Google Voice and Vonage from any country in the world, even from China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

VPN Speed and Bandwidth

IdealVPN provides unlimited speed with unrestricted bandwidth to its customers. The customers can enjoy several online activities using this service, such as downloading of larger files, streaming HD movies, TV shows, making long duration VOIP calls and multiplayer online gaming.

Pricing Options

IdealVPN offers the unlimited speed and bandwidth plans for $71.08 per year, which is $6.98 per 1 month. The company allows payment through PayPal or credit card. There is no offer for a free trial and money return is only available to the customers who are not able to use the service due to technical reasons.

Privacy and Security Setting

IdealVPN service creates a secure tunnel around all online activities and ensures the encryption of all the traffic passing through the tunnel between the customers and the network providers. This service also provides the safety of all data to the customers while using Wi-Fi hotspots at public places like parks, airports, malls, coffee shops and restaurants.

Ideal VPN

Customer Support

IdealVPN has the customer support available through a form based contact system. They have no other support systems like live chat, phone call or Skype. Besides, the company doesn’t even offer basic troubleshooting instructions on its website.

Final Outcomes

IdealVPN has several lacks like the limited choices of server locations, payment methods or support program. But still it can be the right choice for the customer who is seeking for the secure and safe internet service.

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