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ibVPN Service Review – A Cheap Service Among Various Big Players in the VPN Market

The ibVPN service is a cheap yet satisfying VPN service, which offers exciting features at unbelievable low prices. The categorization of packages is amazing and tends to fulfill the requirements of all types of VPN users. The website for this service is a disappointing factor, but its services cover up for this lag and makes it a preferable choice. Various features of this VPN service are listed below.

Service Cost

This VPN service is available in three different packages, standard, Torrent VPN and Multi VPN packages, categorized on distinct features. The minimum price for a package offered by this company is $4.95 and all the packages and plans are available with a freedom to choose from any of the protocols available with its service.

The Standard VPN service is available with three different plans, which are divided on the basis of number of servers made available and their cost varies with the number of servers.

The multi VPN package contains plans for multiple users, which can be members of a family, a business group or a company. The minimum plan is offered at a cost of $19.95 for a family of a maximum of 3 members, while for a group of up to 20 members, the plan is available at $99.95.

The Torrent VPN package is available for users interested in file sharing and torrent based services.

Along with its smartly classified packages, this VPN provider offers a free trial pack valid for 6 hours only, which is enough time for a user to test the connection. Along with this, a money back guarantee is also available for about 15 days.


For user’s security, the company provides an option of OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP & PPTP protocols along with a 256bit encryption from blowfish. Further, the no log policy of this company and the use of bitcoin payment system for anonymous payments add to the privacy of the user.

Registration & Connection

The process for registering and subscribing to this service is quite simple and requires the least amount of information. The client software for this VPN makes the connection process easy and fast.


Compatibility & Speed

After various tests conducted for this VPN service, it is observed that it offers a fast speed for OpenVPN connection and a good speed for L2TP connection. It supports iOS and window based devices with its client, while devices based on OSX, Android & Linux OS and DD-WRT devices are supported by an easy-to-follow guide for connecting to this service.

Customer Support

For providing support to customers’ queries, this service is backed by a live chat option and ticket based support system based using an email address. The representative of the chat window goes offline from time to time, though for small fractions only. The website of this VPN provider is not much friendly and lacks in a clear navigation offering difficulty to the users of this service. Also, important information is hidden from the non registered users.


Certain drawbacks include a confusing site, live chat not available always and restriction to basic information.

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ibVPN Service Review – A Cheap Service Among Various Big Players in the VPN Market, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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