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IAPS Security Review– A VPN Service Focused on User Security & Satisfaction

IAPS has been serving as a leader of VPN service provider, since its entry in 2007 in the VPN market. Before this, the company has an experience of a number of years offering security services, which adds to the assurance of a highly secured VPN service. This premium VPN service has a huge base of servers and offers an impressive range of services as discussed below.

Packages & Service Cost

There are a number of plans offered by this VPN service, which are offered to go well with the needs of different VPN users. The country specific offered by the company is available at a cost of $11.95 for a month and provides an option of the country to choose from many available options. There are other plans that are priced slightly higher and offer server switches to the users from a range of countries of the choice of the user. Combined with a money back guarantee for 2 days and a free trial pack without any duration limit, this VPN service is inclined towards providing the best VPN services.

User Security

For the privacy of the users, there is no user log maintained and stored by the company, thus offering a protection from being tracked or identified. The security of the user data is accomplished by offering encryptions of 128-bit and 256-bit for its users. Different protocols available with this service are PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP and IKEv2. The SSTP connection successfully bypasses ISP filters and firewall restrictions.

Speed & Support

The connection speed offered by this VPN provider is counted among the best speed offered in the market, which is up to 1000Mbps. This high speed is perfect for different online activities like playing games online, streaming and watching online media and other options. A major attraction with this service is the availability of TV packages offering a fast speed for streaming the content online. P2P activities offered by the company are restricted to be accessed by the users of specific countries only.

To provide a support to the customers, this VPN service is backed by a strong base of knowledge available on its websites and support documents. Users can interact with the representatives of the company through live chat support, which is available during business hours only. Another option available for customer support is the email based support system, which is considered as the fastest method to get resolutions for your queries.

IAPS Security

Systems Supported

With the availability of a number of protocols of the service, this VPN service is considered to be an excellent choice for different devices including computers, tablets and mobile devices. Different operating systems supported by this service include Linux, Mac, windows, iOS and Android.

Final Judgment

Although the company fails to provide a freedom for unlimited options to switch servers, their security level and availability of different plans makes it a favorable service. It also lacks the number of customer support options, while the speed offered by this service is also very impressive.

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IAPS Security Review– A VPN Service Focused on User Security & Satisfaction, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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