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Happy VPN Review – A US Based VPN Provider Offering Strong Service with Limited Servers

Happy VPN is a service offered by a company based in the US, which was established in the year 2007. With a fully featured service, it offers a complete security and an option to bypass all the restrictions imposed by different countries on various websites. An in-depth review of this VPN service is given below, which will help you decide on the reliability of this service.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered with different plans specific to the country for the location of the server that the user wants to connect to. This plan is available at a monthly subscription cost of $14.99, which is available at a reduced price for 3 months and 6 months subscriptions, available at a cost of $39.99 and $74.99 respectively. There is another plan offered with this service, which provides an access to both the UK & the US servers and is offered at a cost of $19.99 for a monthly subscription. This plan can be availed at a cost of $49.99 for a 3 months subscription and for $89.99 for a 6 months subscription. It also offers a money back guarantee with a validity of 30 days to its users to test the connectivity and the reliability of its service.


The Happy VPN service offers a high level of privacy to its users, primarily with the act of maintaining no user log for its service, while a log for connection time and usage is maintained for a small period of time. It adds to the security of the users by providing access to different protocols including PPTP, SSTP and L2TP protocols. The availability of SSTP protocol provides an opportunity to bypass restrictions to PPTP & L2TP VPN connections in certain countries. With the use of powerful techniques for encryption of the user data, user data is prevented from hackers and trackers, even at public Wi-Fi hotspots that offer a lower security level.

Bandwidth & Speed

This VPN service offers a connection with no restriction on the bandwidth or the speed of the internet connection. Thus, users are allowed to download unlimited content, stream videos or play games online and other activities without any hassle of bandwidth or the connection speed. However, this service has a limitation in terms of torrenting or P2P activities as no access to such services is provided with this VPN service.

System Support

A support for all the common operating systems is provided with this VPN service, which includes windows, Linux and Mac operating systems for desktop systems and Android & iOS for mobile devices. Other devices supported by this VPN provider include DD-WRT routers, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Xbox 360 and PS3 devices.


Customer Support

A 24*7 support to customers is offered through an email based system, while users can also view the information section provided on the official website of the provider of this VPN Service.


However, it lacks in the access to P2P activities and the number of customer support options.

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