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GoTrusted VPN Review -Simple VPN Service Appropriate for Nontechnical Users

GoTrusted offers a straightforward VPN service intended for beginners and is marketed as a solution to online privacy needs. With an aim at small business and consumer market, this VPN service utilizes its own TV commercial for marketing purposes. With a simple to access service, this VPN provider might not attract most of the technical users for its service. Features of this service are discussed below in this review.

Service Cost

This VPN service is offered by a single price plan with monthly charges fixed at $5.99. However, there are plans for business connections involving multiple users, for which, the service charges are not disclosed. The consumer version of this service is offered with a free trial service for a period of 7 days but it demands for payment details, while registering for the service. The customers are automatically subscribed to the paid plan after the free trial, which needs to be cancelled manually by the subscriber to prevent being charged for the service.

User Security

Since, GoTrusted VPN service is aimed for non technical users, so the VPN provider doesn’t reveal much information about its security details. A few details, as revealed by the customer representatives state that a 256 bit encryption is supported for OpenVPN, L2TP & PPTP protocols for this VPN service. The selection of the strongest available protocol for the connection is automatic, which primarily focus on SSL modes.

Connection Reliability & Speed

A test for the connection speed and reliability was carried over on speedtest.net, which provided satisfying results. For connections tested over the UK and US servers, a negligible speed drop was observed, thus offering a reliable connection with good speed result.

Device Support

This VPN service is offered with a compatibility for windows and Mac based systems for desktop users, which is offered for iOS & Android operating systems, for mobile users. A client software is available for Windows & Mac users, which is easy to download and install. For an ease of use, this VPN provider also offers video tutorials on its website.

Customer Service

A support to all the queries of the customers is provided through two support options, live chat and ticket based support system. The response time for ticket based system is promised to be 24 hours, while the representative providing live chat service offers an instant satisfying support. The customer area provided for the users of the service is kept simple for non-tech users, while it offers an option to use a disposable email address for those purposes, which seem to be spam links.



GoTrusted is supported by an excellent performance and a satisfying support service for customers along with a professional-level website. However, a lack of technical details could be a negative point, in case of technical users and the compatibility mode is observed to reduce the performance of the service. Along with this, an automated subscription system after the free trial is also considered as a drawback of the service. Here is the list of top 5 vpn providers.

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GoTrusted VPN Review -Simple VPN Service Appropriate for Nontechnical Users, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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